What A Weekend!!

This weekend has been a bit busy, even though I haven’t really been doing much.

After finishing work on Friday, I headed out to the stables to work Bo and feed up. Luckily I was prepared to get wet, because it absolutely bucketed down!! I was pretty soggy, as was Bo. On the bright side Bo decided that it was nicer to work in a frame when ridden in the rain, so I didn’t have to work as hard to keep him round. After feeding both Bo and GK and making sure they were both snuggly warm in their rugs, I peeled my soaking wet clothes off got changed into warm stuff and headed home for a nice hot shower!

Bo before

Have we finished yet mum?

Saturday morning was interesting. I set myself a challenge to fix the super muddy gateway/lake in the boys paddock, partly because I don’t really like slippery mud and partly because I needed to get a hay roll into the paddock and didn’t want to ruin half the hay. I went and bought a trailer load of blue metal fines/cracker dust and proceeded to transfer it all to the gateway. About 1 1/2 hours and 8-9 wheel barrow-fulls later, I was knackered but the gateway was looking pretty good. Next task was rolling the hay down the laneway and into the paddock. With the help of my amazing friend and some blood, sweat and tears (well really just sweat) we got the hay to the paddock where Bo and GK spent the rest of the afternoon with their noses buried in it.

Hay Roll

SUCCESS!!! No more muddy gateway!!

GK did some grid work and worked really well on the flat. He was lovely and soft in the trot while warming up, was moving forward really nicely and even threw in a few speccy walk to canter transitions. We just need to get that in competitions and we will be set! Unfortunately I think my nerves get the best of me and I worry about forgetting the test, which in turn makes him tense up and of course this affects our marks. Bo was a little champion he is starting to work in a nice frame and supple up which is good to see as it has been a work in progress for a long time. I am planning on taking him to a dressage day next weekend at a local pony club, I haven’t entered him yet, but I will see how I go.

Today was a bit of a non event, as I was pretty tired after my big day yesterday. I also had an early morning as it was Mothers Day and I had breakfast with mu Nanna and Aunty. I only ended up feeding and doing the waters.

Dinner time…

Entries for the Harvey Prestige Loans CNC (also known as the South West Horse Trials) open tomorrow. I am a bit excited as it will be both GK and I’s first Intro 1 (EvA80) run, after his decent run a few weeks ago at Moora CNC. GK will be doing a bit more gallop work in the next few weeks. Luckily I have access to a lovely network of really nicely maintained bridle paths and an equestrian park that has a slow work training track. After his day off, GK’s boot camp will start tomorrow.

Hope you had a good weekend and thanks for reading.

C xx


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