GK Gets A Haircut

Whoops, It has been a little while since I updated this, sorry guys!

Not too much has happened this week. GK has been really good when schooling at home, Bo is coming along nicely and starting to work quite well in a frame which is exciting.

On Sat my friend S came over and we took Bo and GK out on the trails and as she is a lot more experienced than I am, she rode Bo due to the fact we were riding past the demon alpacas that were mentioned in my last post. Neither Bo nor GK batted an eyelid as we rode past… That could be due to the fact that none of the damn things got up and charged at the fence this time. We went and rode the loop track and decided to let the boys go for a bit. GK decided he would only canter, so I made him canter nice and slow and S kept Bo in trot. Bo’s trot got bigger and bigger til GK HAD to canter fast to keep up. S even managed to get Bo to lengthen. I am so happy my TB has a lengthened trot that could rival a warmbloods! πŸ™‚ S then let Bo canter, he fell into this amazing rhythm and just ticked along… GK was going at a pretty good speed by then, at least 400mpm. I hope Bo ends up able to jump a bit, he would do really well in EvA65, EvA80 and maybe even Eva95. It just depends on his leg.

Bo and S – race walking…?
band s


After the ride

Oh I also took to GK with the clippers. I had horse hair where horse hair should never be. I was sooo bloody itchy! The finished product isn’t as neat as I would have liked, but GK (who is normally good to clip) was being a little maggot and ended up having to be twitched.

GK after the ride… also clipped and no longer a hairy feral!!

After putting the boys to bed I went over to S’s place and watched her ride her new(ish) boy, Bailey. She doesn’t like riding him when no-one is home as she is still getting to know him and IF something goes wrong, she would rather be safe than sorry. Bailey was bought for $500 in Feb and when S picked him up, his old owner told her that he doesn’t jump due to him not liking things touching his legs. S has done some work with him and Bailey is now jumping 75-80cms like a pro. He was being a little bit naughty but nothing too bad.

S’s pony Angel


I know it’s a blurry pic, but I kind of like this one…

Sunday I finally had a sleep in!! So excited, I got out of bed at 9am and it was amazing. I headed over to Peel Pony Club to see some friends that were competing at the dressage day that was held there. S rode Bailey over as she lives down the road, and Bailey got to chill out at a competition and get used to the atmosphere. T did well with Etosha and won one of her classes. I am not sure how she did in her others as I couldn’t stay for the results. Bailey was a really good boy and stood in the warm up arena eating his breakfast. Wild and crazy, that horse… seriously. πŸ™‚

Bailey, being all wild and crazy.

After I left Peel, I went over and got GK out the paddock, saddled him up and rode over to the Equestrian Park and had a lesson with C. GK was a bit worked up due to a girl galloping her Standardbred around the slow pace work track, through the little trails and in the arena with little to no thought about adjusting her speed when riding close to other peoples horses and setting them off. There were a few other horses in the arena going a bit mental because of her, one girls horse took off on her and she had a pretty nasty fall. The girl with the Standardbred, kept going for at least an hour. Poor horse was lathered in sweat. I felt really sorry for it.

On the bright side, C got to see how GK acts when he is at a show. πŸ™‚ Finally!! I have been telling her for ages that he is completely different out and she got to see it today. I had to play with my position a bit and be vary mindful about not creating any extra energy when riding, otherwise GK would just surge forward, lose his rhythm and become tense and hollow. We managed to get the trot and canter going nicely before C had me work a bit on GK’s posture… He does not like to bring his right hind under him in canter, and as a result his neck stiffens and won’t flex to the inside on the right rein. We got made to do head to wall, to help fix this and improve his posture. GK has discovered that it is hard and he doesn’t really like it much. He still tried his heart out for me though. I will have to do a bit more work on my core strength and get my back looked at in order for me to be more affective though. I had to be super aware of what my seat was doing so I didn’t give mixed messages to him. Thank goodness I have an appointment on 30/5!

On the ride home some girls and their border collie were riding the opposite direction to us. I wasn’t really paying attention, thinking GK is fine with dogs, especially border collies (due to me owning one)… he will be fine. He wasn’t fine. I ate dirt. Not too badly though which is good. GK stopped and spun around in under a second. The fact that he can turn in his own body length would make him an awesome games pony, but when you are not expecting him to do it, you have little to no chance of sitting it. Far better riders than me have come unstuck when GK pulls that one out his bag of tricks.
Thankfully I am only a little battered and not too sore. The rest of the ride home was reasonably uneventful until we got to D’s (I took a shortcut home through his property). One of the stallions in the front paddock, likes to charge around his paddock whenever horses are ridden past… Normally this isn’t a problem as GK mostly isn’t bothered. However, there has been some paddock changes so the stallion in the front paddock has another stallion on the other side of the driveway opposite him. the two boys were having a great time showing off their manliness and hooning around. Poor GK by this stage was a bit brain fried and started to jig jog and attempted to spin a few times (I was ready for them this time and stayed on), but as we were on the road and I had to get off anyway to open the gate, I hopped off and walked him up the driveway, past the “scary” boys (who in reality are the biggest softies out). We got home not long after and GK’s manners had gone out the window, he became bargy and rude, so we had a bit of discussion about that on the way out to the paddock with dinner. He remembered his manners, had dinner and got tucked up in his nice warm rugs (and his new fleecy hood that my nanna made for him) with Bo and left for the night.

GK in his new hood, with half of his dinner on the ground… coz he’s awesome like that.

Bo will get worked tomorrow and maybe during the week, I will set up a small grid for him to get him starting to go over some poles and small jumps. I will see how he goes.

Hope you had a good weekend.

C xx


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