Back To It

Hi all,

My aplologies about my lack of activity this last week, I have been sick as a dog and heven’t really been doing all that much.

I lunged GK on Tuesday and he was really good, popped a few poles out for him to help with his striding and he was an absolute legend. I rode him on Thursday and even though he was a little bit hot and forward, I managed to bring him back and got him working quite nicely using the techniques I learnt in my last lesson with C. We even found a fence to practice out head to wall along. I am starting to feel a lot more positive about our Dressage!! In the next week or so, I am going to ask D if I can borrow his arena & jumps just to get in a bit of practice in… I think it will be a bit too dark during our lesson this week (5pm on Friday-I will take my jump saddle, just in case though!!)

Bo has been out this week, he hurt himself while hooning in the paddock and had a cut that managed to get a bit infected on his leg. He is well and truely on the mend now and after sporting a funky coloured bit of vet wrap on his leg for a few days to keep the Magnoplasm on, the heat has gone and I will be jumping on him this week… Maybe tonight… I will see how I go as where I agist there is a young girl who has outgrown her pony (she is my height-and 11!) so I have offered the boys for her to have a sit on to see how she likes them for size. they are both so different to what she is used to that I will have to pop them on a lunge line (even though they wouldn’t misbehave) just until she gets the feel of them due to their big strides. I might run out of light, so might not get time to ride.

I spent all Saturday putting up an electric fence as Gk has decided to be a (insert word here) and on Friday, he got out of his paddock no less than 7 TIMES! He didn’t go far, but I would hate for him to hurt himself or someone else because he likes to think of himself as Houdini. So now there is two brand spanking new hot wires around the boys paddock and so far, so good. The horse next to Bo and GK has been zapped a few times, but GK knows full well that clicky fences bite and as soon as he hears the tick of the fence, he stays well away from the wire.

I have been getting updates on the course build at the State Equestrian Centre – They’re adding a 3* course, refurbishing the existing jumps and have gotten course designer John Nicholson (brother of the great Andrew Nicholson) on board which will be fantastic! I might have to head out and do some XC training and some investigating.

Hope you are well (or at least feeling better than I am at the moment)
C xx


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