Busy, busy week!!

Well this week has been quite productive, I will admit to feeling a bit like this though…

No recent riding photos, I have been doing so much by myself and I keep forgetting my camera. Sorry!!

S (the girl who has outgrown her pony – I mentioned her in my last Post) had a ride on GK and Bo on Monday. Both boys were absolute angels. I was so proud of them, they looked after S really well. GK has himself a new admirer… and I have an offer to buy him if ever I want to sell him. haha

I did some pace work around the firebreak in the pack paddock with GK on Tuesday. He was really good, the track was a bit twisty so I couldn’t get him up to 450mpm, but I managed to get him into a nice consistent rhythm and he worked nicely…. Except when I changed reins. He reverted back to his pig headed, “nah mum, bugger off. I got this!” type attitude. We had a bit of a talk about it and he finally agreed that taking a sharp corner at a decent speed was not a good idea. The rest of the ride consisted of me playing with his speed, letting the throttle out and bringing him back. As a pair we have come so far since last year, I am really happy with our progress.

I rode Bo on Wed, which was also my Birthday. He warmed up really well and then didn’t want to play ball. He was through the neck and didn’t want to carry himself. We worked on that for a little bit, it wasn’t working so I worked him over some trot poles. They worked well, he really had to think about them and I think it was a nice break for him. For his cool down I was working him long and low and his neck relaxed and we ended on a good note.

Thursday, I went and had a Bowen Treatment by the lovely Sylvana of All Creatures Healing as my back has been a bit sore. I am happy to report that I am feeling amazing and my sore bits are not as sore. I have also been taking the Tissue Salt Mag Phos to help with muscle recovery and muscle cramps and spasms (for anyone interested here is some info http://www.schusslersalts.com/wcm/mb/schuessler/en-en/index.html). I then went out and fed the boys. I am glad I had warm clothes on last night, it was the coldest night we have had her since July 2011!

Tonight (Friday) I have a lesson on GK with D. I was hoping to make it a jumping lesson, but my lesson is at 5.45pm and D’s arena lights while good, are not good enough to jump under. Oh well, I might be able to use his arena Sunday afternoon (fingers crossed). If not, no worries.

Some friends (S & E) and I have booked some time on the SEC XC course on 8/6. That will be a blast with the new course and all. It will be a nice experience for E’s horse Lynx, who hasn’t done a full xc course before. We are just gonna make one up, set minute markers using our Cross Country App (http://crosscountryapp.com/) and let E and Lynx have a mock XC run with GK and Angel leaving the start box before and after him.

Here is some links to some pictures taken by the lovely Duncan Pratt, of GK and I the last time we were at the SEC.

Hopefully I can get D to snap a sneaky pic or two… maybe even a video tonight. It will be interesting trying to ride with my new nails!! I am a bit nervous, they are a bit longer than I am used to.

Take Care



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