Hi all πŸ™‚

My D lesson was good, if freezing… D hopped on GK for a bit and gave him a bit of fine tuning. It was good to see what GK looks like when ridden. I always like watching other people ride him… It helps me see how they ride him and handle his evasions. I hopped on and thawed out a bit after D has ridden him. It was fantastic. The best GK has felt. He was coming forward into the bridle nicely, soft in the contact and just, wow! Now all I need is it the consistently.

Before our lesson… sorry it’s blurry.

I rode Bo on Sat, neither of us were feeling up for concentrating so we just had a bit of a play around. He was a little slack and I left my spurs at home. It was so hard keeping him moving!

I had my birthday dinner on Sat night. We went to Dwellingup and had dinner on a vintage train. I got everyone dressed up in 1920’s gear and it was a hoot! Freezing cold, but such a pretty part of the world. I could very easily live down there.

Enjoying the sun

Sunday I was feeling a bit sorry for myself but that didn’t stop me from taking Bo and GK over to D’s for a bit of jumping. I put up some little jumps and took Bo over them. He was a little legend! I started off trotting him over the jumps which went ok. He has lazy back legs and is inclined to pick his front legs up a lot abut not his hind ones so much. Sort of like he doesn’t know what to do with them. I cantered him over the jumps and he popped over them nicely. I put a few of the jumps up to about 50-60cms and took Bo over them. Again with the trotting he wasn’t too sure. He would get in too deep and jump awkwardly. Cantering, he finds a lot easier due to him having a really nice natural rhythm. He has managed to work out striding quite easily. I am contemplating entering him in Peel ODE. Not sure on D or E grade though. Depends how his leg holds up.
Meanwhile, GK was throwing the mother of all temper tantrums in the cross ties – complete with hoof stamping, prancing and rearing. The attitude continued under saddle. GK likes to think that he knows best when jumping. His natural approach to jumping is to start off slow and gradually get faster and faster til his brain explodes. Sort of like the Crazy Frog, in fact D has downloaded the song and will play it in my jump lessons if GK and I don’t sort ourselves out. I used a few of the techniques that D has taught me to get GK back and concentrating on what I was asking and not hooning around and when he was going nicely over the jumps that Bo was doing, I popped the jumps up to about 80cms which is what we will be doing at Harvey. He was jumping really well by the end of the session so I was quite happy.

Monday both boys had a day off as they worked pretty hard. GK got ridden tonight and I attempted to get back what I was working on with D. It didn’t go so well. He was a bit stiff and didn’t want to loosen his neck. I felt a bit stiff myself so I would guess we were both feeding off each other. I scrapped that idea and went to working on rhythm instead as GK would either rush or go too slow. We got there in the end with the help of the EquiTempo app. I love working with this app on GK as he does have a tendency to ignore your seat aids.

Here is a video from tonight. It’s a bit dark but you can see a little bit… and hear Bo neighing in the background. πŸ™‚ And looking at it now, he does seem a bit tight and he is not moving quite right. I will give him a Bowen treatment tomorrow night and that should make him feel a bit better.

Hope you all had a good weekend.
Take care
C xx


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