XC Training and Babies!!!!

Hi all,

What a week! My instructor C’s mare had her foal last Tuesday night. I had the pleasure of meeting him on Sunday and I can say he definitely has personality. He is such a cheeky boy (and so cute).

Cheeky little monster!!

Not much else happened during the week. GK has been good, as has Bo. We have been working on the same stuff and trying to get it more consistent, it seems to be coming along nicely.

I went XC training with GK at Brigadoon on Sat to do a bit of prep work before Harvey this weekend. A few times GK jumped way bigger than expected and I lost my position a bit, but over all I would say that it was quite successful. I am feeling pretty confidant about it now.

Slight loss of balance on landing…

Out of water – Not sure what my hands are doing??

Into water – 12 months ago, this would never have happened. GK didn’t “do water”

I bought some new leather Ariat half chaps because my legs have gotten skinnier (yay!!) and my old ones don’t fit anymore. I am madly trying to stretch and break them in for Harvey. While shopping, I also picked up Miss Ruby Lou a coat to help keep her warm and dry at events if it’s raining. I think she looks cute! She will match GK’s new rug too.

Ruby – Fashion Model??

Stretching Chaps – It’s a hard job…

Not much else to report other than I am madly trying to prep and pack for Harvey. Wish me luck!

Take Care



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