Eye Eye… and Bo gets a haircut

This past week has been a little uneventful in terms of riding.

Bo was good last Monday when I rode him. He has developed a new evasion though. Picking up the wrong canter lead. Cheeky little bugger.

Tuesday I took Bo over to D’s for a bath as he was getting clipped on Wed and hadn’t been washed for a fair while. I rugged him after and put his hood on before giving both Bo and GK a scratch and cuddle goodnight.

Wednesday morning, I got a text message that Bo had his hood over his eye, it was red, puffy and he was not opening it. By the time I got out to the boys at 10am, the swelling was down and his eye was half open. When I went out Wednesday evening, I had some saline that I flushed Bo’s eye out with which seemed to help. Bo was an angel to clip. He stood pretty still while his pretty epic coat wis trimmed away, leaving a glistening shiny handsome boy underneath.

Pre clip…

Post clip…


I thought coats were supposed to go dull and gross after being clipped??… Methinks that people lie!! He’s shiney as bro. 🙂

Thursday my wonderful farrier came out and gave Bo some new shoes while GK got a trim. Bo also got some more saline in his eye. Thursday night, I rinsed his eye out again and made the call to make him an appointment with my wonderful vet for Sat. Bo’s eye didn’t seem too bad Thursday night so I did ride him for a little while, he was a bit of a prat with his canter leads again so I asked S if she would come and have a sit on him, to help me figure out if it was me causing Bo to get the wrong lead, if it was Bo being a prat or if it was a combination of the both of us.

Friday I went and got a nice big roll of hay for the boys, which proceeded to fall apart as I rolled it down to the paddock. I was NOT impressed. Covered in hay, mud and sweaty as, all I wanted was a shower and bed. Instead I got GK escaping the paddock and running around the arena like an idiot refusing to be caught.

Sat morning was Bo’s vet appointment. Poor thing has a Corneal Ulcer. Luckily it is pretty shallow and should be cleared up in the week. Bo gets ointment in his eye 2 times a day and was on Bute Sat and Sun. Hopefully he doesn’t need any more tonight, otherwise he will be pulled out of Thoroughbred Horse of the Year on Sat (as the Bute will still be swabbable in his system). He seems to be coping ok with it. He gets to wear a flyveil 24/7 at the moment and I am putting an eyepatch in one to help keep the sun out of his eye during the day. Can someone say Pirate?!?!
I took GK over to the equestrian park down the road with E and Lynx and we used GK as a pace horse to motivate Lynx to go faster. E wasn’t sure what 400mpm felt like, luckily GK was in an obliging mood. Lynx even managed a fairly cracking gallop while trying to race GK… Too bad GK is a little pocket rocket and he very easily cranked his speed up and overtook Lynx before Lynx even knew what was coming. GK may be small but he can definately hold his own in a race. 🙂

Saturday was Helmet Awareness Day – Did you wear yours? GK did…
blog gk

For more info go to;

Yesterday (Sunday), S came over and rode Bo for me (BTW: I should point out that my vet did say Bo was fine to ride, he jsut has to be ridden with the flyveil on). I can’t believe how far he has come in the last 4 months. He is tracking up really nicely, he has more knee and he is carrying himself correctly. Yay!!
Bo then decided to act like a maggot and he was either going too slow and not forward enough or getting worked up and doing his rocking horse (which if not managed correctly can end badly). S just sat there when Bo decided to turn on the theatrics and told him to move forward and do what he was told, which he was not happy about. He got his big boy trot on and looked oh so pretty.

Now hopefully his eye heals and he can go out and show everyone how spunky he is on Sat!

That’s about all from me.

Take Care



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