This weekend was Thoroughbred Horse of the Year… Or HOTY (pronnounced Hottie).

Bo got dusted off and made to look like a horse, as opposed to a furry paddock puff like he has been for the last few months. πŸ™‚

Saturday morning was a bit of a blur. Bo got his tail butchered – I mean trimmed by me, then he got a bath and plaitted before we left for the Gosnells Pony Club Grounds.

Once we got there, Bo was a bit looky so I took him for a walk around so he could see the sights and settle a bit. We bumped into a fellow eventer who has been back from Melbourne 3DE (http://www.equestrianvictoriaevents.com.au/Melbourne3DE/) for a week or so. She was at HOTY with a new horse and her beautiful 2* eventer Just Corona. Jess from JT’s Show Prep was helping her get her horses ready and say my horrible job on Bo’s tail and fixed it up for me. It went from Drab to fab in about 30 seconds!! (https://www.facebook.com/JTsShowPrep) then it was back to the float to have some hay and get his makeup done by A, my resident Hackie friend/Amzing Helper πŸ™‚

Bo was a very good boy and worked well despite being quite green compared to most of the other horses he was up against. We didn’t end up placing, but I am happy that we managed to get the correct canter leads, something we have struggled with for the last few months.

Bo in warm up

Just relaxing

Mmm, licorice

Give us a kiss
Hope you are all well

Take Care


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