Bo – The Destroyer

No, it’s not what you think… Bo hasn’t destroyed much other than his own body (and a sprinkler line). I swear he hurts himself to get out of work!!

This week has been pretty relaxed, Bo was supposed to be having two days off after HOTY. Bo on the other hand had different ideas. While acting like a fool in the paddock, he tripped over the sprinkler line and broke the connection. After that he took off bucking. Two laps of the paddock later, he slipped over on the wet ground. His front end stayed upright and his hind quarters slipped out from under him. Needless to say he was a bit sore. Luckily I have almost completed my Diploma in Equine Bowen Therapy (only got 3 Anatomy and Physiology Units left!!), otherwise Mr Bo would cost me an arm and a leg in bodywork bills! Now I can treat him myself which I find gives me a greater understanding of my horses, their bio-mechanics and hopefully that will allow me to be a more effective and sympathetic rider… at least that is the goal. So anyway, Bo got a Bowen treatment and I also ran my red light torch over him (both those modalities work really well together) and he seemed to be feeling better after. There was certainly less of a limp after I finished. He was still a bit sore last night, but looks to be healing up quite nicely. If all goes to plan, he should be back under saddle by the weekend.

GK has been really good, if a bit full of himself. He is coming forward into the contact a lot better than he used to, he has more impulsion and a lot more knee than this time last year. I watched some videos of GK and I at the start of last year and while I cringe at how bad my riding was, hey we all have to start somewhere, right?

I have messaged D to see if I can squeeze in for a lesson, hopefully before Gidgegannup at the start of next month. Gidge will be our second Intro 1 run and I am aiming for a completion. Don’t care what number we get as long as it is a number, not a letter. And after that I am aiming to take Bo to his second ever ODE at Peel Pony Club. Depending how he is going, we will either be doing E grade (45cm) or D Grade (60cm) although at the moment it is looking like he will be running at E Grade level and as he set the bar high with an 11th placing at Serpentine at his first ODE last year, I will be aiming for a completion in the top half of the class.

The next few weeks will be busy for us. This weekend GK and I are off to Brigadoon for some more XC training, then the weekend after I am planning on taking both boys to Peel Show Jumping Spectacular on 21/7/2013. Finally the week after Peel Show Jumping I will be attending a workshop held by a lady called Victoria Ferguson. I am really looking forward to this, she is an Equine Herbalist and treats numerous alimnets and conditions with herbs as well as aiding owners with feeding thier horses a more natural diet. If you would like some more information on her, here is her website.

Tonight I am off to BML Performance Horses to watch a true master at work… The One and Only – Mr Heath Ryan! For those not familliar with Heath, here is some info on him.
Hopefully it is not raining too much and I can get some video!

Take Care

C xx


3 responses to “Bo – The Destroyer

  1. I read with interest about you using Bowen therapy on Bo. One of instructors who networks with my coaching programme has just done her course and doing case studies. I am a little sceptical about it but always open minded so will definitely be back to see how it helped your horse. Hope he feels better soon!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I agree I was a little skeptical too when my mum suggested that I try Bowen Therapy on myself. I had so many problems with my back that the physio’s were talking about x-rays and surgery within the next 6 months, that was close to 5 years ago. It worked so well on me that I didn’t hesitate to find someone to treat GK when I first got him. Any type of massage or soft tissue stimulation will have a positive affect on anyone (human, equine, canine, feline). I don’t believe that Bowen is a magical fix all type modality, but the improvements I have seen in horses after treatments is pretty cool. Every body is different and what works for some, might not work as well for others. With everything there are good practitioners and bad ones.. the trick is finding a good one. I have seen some people out charging a lot of money when all they have done is one day home user courses, no case studies or anything which does make it hard to get people to open their minds when they have had bad experiences. Bo is doing fine and healed up quite quickly. πŸ™‚

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