Photonic Red Light Therapy


What is is you ask?

It is a modality that uses a specific type of red LED light to stimulate the Circulatory and Lymphatic systems, aid in Collagen production and aid in cellular healing by targeting accupoints (like accupuncture does).

It does not hurt and does not break the skin like a needle so it is completely safe to use, especially if like me you ar enot too keen on needles. You do not have to know anything about accupunture to be able to successfully use this modality but as with anything the more knowledge you have, the better your results will be.

I have successfully used it on both myself and on my horses. I have treated myself for headaches and muscle strains when I have not had access to pain killers and have had brilliant results. If you remember a few weeks ago Bo slipped in the paddock and I treated him with Bowen and Red Light. The Red Light allowed me to get to those areas that were too tight/sore to release with pressure. I have also used the Red Light Torch on Bo when he had Colic (there are accupoints specifically for Colic) and we were waiting for the vet to arrive. It allowed him to pass a bit of gas and he seemed to relax a tiny bit and looked a little more comfortable. It would work well with any type of massage – Human, Equine, Canine, Feline, whatever. You are limited by your imagination (and at times your knowledge of the anatomy of the animal you are treating). My cats and dog have had massages using Bowen and Red Light together and have suffered no ill effects, remember neither Bowen Therapy nor Red Light can do any harm!

There is a brilliant company close to me called Red Light Therapy Kits that maufatures both Red Light Torches and also the really exciting Red Light pads. The torch can be used to treat both large and small areas either by itself or in conjunction with another modality, whether that be Chiro, Equine Touch, Sports Massage etc. The wrap can be used to treat larger areas (gluteals, the longissimus or back muscles, hocks, tendons, ligaments, etc) it works by bathing the area in light and can be strapped on with a surcingle or by using the velcro straps that are on it. They can be left on while tacking up *note – your horse, cat, dog, whatever should NOT be left unsupervised with it on* and use prior to or post work.

Those with horses that have tendon or ligament injuries will hopefully find this really cool. Here is a case study I was shown by Susan Poole, who is the owner of Red Light Therapy Kits. You can click on the image to make it bigger.

You can see the amount of red and white on the leg in the left image. This indicates a lot of heat and inflammation. Although the image on the right is not taken from the same angle, you can clearly see a decrease in the anmount of heat and inflammation. All that was in just 3 days!

For anyone interested in more information, please go to there is a whole stack of information on both the products and the modality. For those interested in buying, there is a shop and they sell kits so even if you wouldn’t have the faintest idea of where to start looking for an accupoint or how to treat things with them you will be competely sorted. I have the Human/Horse kit and I am slowly getting through the information in it. I hit the jackpot the other day though and those that like to indulge a bit on weekends or at Christmas might like this – I found some point that help with hangovers! I don’t drink much but when I do I certainly feel the effects the next day, so I am going the make sure to use those points next time. πŸ™‚

Sue is very passionate about her products and stands by them 100%. They are very well made – I can vouch, having personally used both the wrap and the torch on my own and clients horses. Both the wrap and torch are also affordable for the average horse owner. If you have been thinking about Red Light Therapy for your horse, please do look in to it. Seriously as I have said before, it can’t hurt. What have you got to lose?

Take care

C xx


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