Perth Horse Trials and Peel ODE

I did a few km’s this weekend!

Friday was the start of Perth Horse Trials. I helped M pack the float and get Joe and everyone else fed Thursday night before heading home and planing my weekend.

M and Joe left for Woorooloo Prison Farm early Friday, they passed the trot up for the CCN EvA105J class and all reports were good so far. Saturday my nan and I went up to have a look around and help M out with Joe for Dressage. Nerves got the better of M I think and her test suffered a little as a result. Her andΒ  Joe have looked amazing for the past few weeks whenever I have seen her ride but this being the biggest competition she has ever done must have been a bit daunting. I know I would be freaking out if I was in her shoes.

M and Joe


After helping M get Joe settled, we went and had lunch and did a bit of window shopping before walking the XC course. I left nan to catch up with some family friends and off M and I went. The course was amazing! Lots of hills and some pretty technical questions but it apparently rides really well. M and Joe went well, they had 1 refusal but M was super happy with him.

M and a friend at part A of the 3* water jump


They Show Jumped today and had 2 rails and finished 4th last, gaining a place from where they sat after dressage. M was aiming for a completion as Joe had never finished a EvA105 course until now, so I would say it was a pretty good weekend for her.


Saturday afternoon for me ended up with me dropping M at her nan and pop’s place (where GK, Bo and Joe live) so she could wash Bo while I went and walked the Peel course. I managed to walk it in under 30 mins… Not bad for 2kms in pretty sandy ground. I rushed back, just as M was finishing up and plaited Bo down before putting his clean rugs on and popping him back in the paddock (with a generous coating of white cover creme over his socks to keep them white.


The Peel course (using Cross Country App



Sunday morning I was up at 5.30am to feed GK and the other two horses before getting a confused Bo out of the paddock – minus his breakfast and loading him onto the float. Little did he know I had already packed his breakfast into the car along with a massive over stuffed hay bag.

We arrived at Peel with heaps of time, I got my back number (PCAWA rules state that you must wear your back number in all 3 phases unlike EWA where you only need it for XC) and helped S get T and Etosha ready for dressage, before stitching in Bo’s plaits. T and I were both in E grade or 45cms – T because Etosha is pretty green and inexperienced and Bo and I because of Bo’s old Suspensory injury. T came over after dressage and plaited his forelock. Bo warmed up well for dressage and did a good test for Bo all things considering. He got a 66.75 with comments like; needs to be more consistant on the bit and needs to be more supple, which is good… I like feed back like this because it means I am on the right track with his schooling as we are working on both already. He is doing it pretty well at home, but show atmosphere being a bit more lively it was always going to be a bit difficult as Bo can be a bit of a tourist at times.


Bo and I in dressage

bodress bdress dress


Show Jumping warm up went well, with Bo not being super fit I had to be careful not to over do it with the warm up and just let him understand what was happening before going into the ring. I was expecting a little trouble over the water tray as Bo has never seen one before, but he popped straight over it no worries. I messed up the line to jump 7 and we got a rail. I forgot what horse I was jumping for a second there and took Bo in on an angle. He jumped it but didn’t go long enough. GK thrives on funny angles as I have done a lot of work on him with them (and yes most of the angle work has been intentional haha)… Bo not so much. πŸ™‚ He tried his hardest and was so honest. At that stage I didn’t care what happened. I would have been happy if we had heaps of trouble XC. I was so pleased with Bo’s behaviour and attitude.

XC warm up was quick, we had an hour between SJ and XC so he didn’t need too much. I took his bridle off and loosened his girth while I swapped his boots over and got changed into my XC gear so he could have some hay and a drink. Bo went into the start box without a problem and stood their without dancing around. He came out of the start box well and the a few meters down the track he saw the C Grade (EvA80) jump 1 which is what GK has been jumping… I think he had a mild heart attack! He was like, “umm are you sure about this one? Because I am really not.” Luckily he went past it without any fuss and jumped his first jump with no problems. We were a few seconds behind for our first minute marker and we didn’t make up any ground as it was quite boggy, sandy ground and Bo wasn’t really fit (he was snorting and puffing a bit by jump 12). We did all the jumps easily, he had a look at a couple of them, but never hesitated until we got to the second last jump which was… A Roll Top!Β  Bloody Roll Tops! It was the 3rd Roll Top on course but something about this one made him look a little harder at it than the other ones. He still went over it without a problem but he definately thought hard about it. We finished the course clear but with 16 ish time penalties.


The scary roll top

roll top rolltop


The bank… No worries for the Bomanator


Bo out on course (excuse my position, I was jumping in my dressage saddle)

Bo peel

Bo finished off the event in 4th place and got a pretty rosette for his trouble. T and Etosha finished on their dressage score and got 6th place. All in all it was pretty successful I’d say. I don’t know who was more exhausted, Bo or I at the end of it. Both events were fantastically well run and a huge shout out has to go out to the organisers and volunteers who make everything run so smoothly. πŸ™‚

Bo and Etosha’s rosettes.



Bo with his rosette


The next few days Bo is having off to rest and recover. His legs were a bit warm and he ha the slightest digital pulse but I am putting that down to him having worked harder than he has worked before in a fair few years and not being able to walk around much at the pony club (he was tied up in a yard). I ran my red light over his legs for a bit last night and I will be keeping an eye on him. He will be having a Bowen treatment or two and GK will be gearing up for Dryandra CNC on 7th & 8th September.

Hope you all are well


C xx



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