Fourth Time Lucky – Dryandra CNC

Apologies! My internet connection has been a bit tempermental the last few days. I have attempted to upload my latest post and have lost it 3 times. 😦 Take 4, hopefully this time I will have better luck.

Dryandra, where to start??

The weekend started off with lovely weather, Mon and Bo got let out to have a bit of a run around. GK and Joe were left tied to the float while we packed the car and finished loading feed into the float before loading the boys and starting off on the 2 1/2 hour trip south to Cuballing Regional Equestrian Park. We got there with heaps of daylight to spare, set up the yards and got the boys settled in before I jumped on GK to work him before Dressage the next day. Little did I know that the work he did Friday afternoon was pretty much how he was going to work on Saturday. Basically – not good.

Bo and Mon playing in the sun

GK and Joe – All ready to go

Dry dry1

Danny inspecting the float


Camping Aussie style. Uggs, Eski and a Swag. πŸ™‚


Sat morning M and I woke up to grey skies and rain, lots of rain. Luckily GK is pretty bombproof and he was fine with M and I plaitting him under the pop up shelters we set up otherwise all 3 of us would have been soaked. Dressage warm up was horrible. There was horses rearing and flipping out everywhere. Then it came time for GK and I to do our test. Instead of sticking to the script, GK decided to impress the judges with his “advanced” dressage skills. Instead of walk, there was Passage and Piaffe. Instead of trot, there was counter canter and a bit of travers in trot down the long side. His actual canter was good and we scored 7’s which was an improvement from Gidge at least. Show Jumping was not much better. This time he did not want to canter, he wanted to trot. We ended up with one rail and time penalties. I was not really happy by that stage, but I am chalking it up to experience. It can only get better, right?

The Ute


Joe getting plaitted


Eventing Aussie Style – Portable yards, not stables


M was delighted with Joe, he did his best ever Pre Novice dressage test and scored a 57. I managed to get the test on video and M must have watched it 10 times Sat night.

M and Joe


Sunday saw a nice change in the weather… there were glimpses of sun and no rain. Good weather for XC. Luckily this time GK agreed. He was an absolute legend. Jumped every jump, no fighting or arguements we just cruised around and even made it into the Dazza video!! *note Dazza is an event photographer. He works for RedFoto and both Dazza and all the RedFoto photographers do a wicked job. *

The link to the Video is here.Β If you would like to have a look. For those who don’t want to watch the whole thing, I am at 5.55 on the litte grey. The big image on the right is the video, you just need to press play πŸ™‚

The RedFoto tent showing the RedFotoTV footage from Perth Horse Trials


That is pretty much where my weekend ended, I came off XC, walked GK back to the float and sat down. When I tried to get back up, I hurt my back. I spent the restlaying down at the float on my swag, keeping the horses company. 😦 M and Joe ended up 4th overall after one rail in SJ and a run out in XC due to rider error. We had a good trip home and Bo was over the moon to have his GK back. He followed him around for the next 30 mins until I put them back in their paddocks (with a lot of help from my good friends D and Nurofen).

The XC course

dry14 dry13 dry12

That has pretty much been it. I got back in the saddle on Friday as it has taken me that long to be able to walk again! I had a lesson on Bo on Sat as M has decided she wants to take GK out.. So this weekend coming, GK will be doing EvA80 with M at Fairbridge. (don’t worry, there will be pictures) I also had my wonderful saddle fitter Lou Collins out to fit Bo’s saddle and GK’s jump saddle. Good news is Bo’s saddle fits well now… Bad news is GK’s saddle no longer fits due to him changing shape and becoming more flat backed. 😦 I need a new jump saddle! I know a Bates Momentum will fit thanks to D letting me borrow all his saddles to see which one suits GK best – which were all way too long for him at 17 1/2 inches but you get the general idea. As the Bates saddles are a bit $$, I am hoping a Wintec will fit. Another friend has a Wintec 2000 that she said I can try on him too. Fingers crossed that the Wintec fits as with my studies, I am a bit short on extra money at the moment. If not, oh well – but nothing will be happening til next year while I save up.

Saddle testing

saddlefit2 saddlefit1 saddlefit

Hope you are all well

Take care



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