Fairbridge CNC – Maybe next year will be better??

Wow, we are not having a good run of luck lately.

Friday night while having a bath Joe pulled back and slipped in the wash bays, he flipped onto his back and for has troubles he took skin off his hocks, fetlocks, bum and he has a nice deepishย  scratch on the side of his withers. M was understandably upset and disappointed about Joe being injured but decided to still take GK out.

GK got to travel in luxury! A 3 horse angle load float all to himself, his own personal strapper (me) and a very experienced jockey (not me… haha), he got to borrow Joe’s leather halter and got sheepskin paddock boots to keep his legs clean… He seemed to enjoy the attention. As he wasn’t on until 13.45 for dressage, M and I got a bit of a sleep in too – a rare occurrence when going to horse shows.

He traveled well and we arrived at Fairbridge Village in Pinjarra with heaps of time to spare. The ute almost got bogged thanks to the crazy amount of rain we have been having. Luckily M managed to get it out, The ute and float now have a new coat of paint… MUD. There is sooo much of it!! M also left the windows down when she revved the crap out of the ute. There is now mud all over the interior of the ute too. Enough of that – back to GK.

He warmed up well for dressage and did a pretty good test. Both M and I were really happy with him. He ended up with a score of 55.8, which is a pretty good score for him. He was sitting in 12th place after Dressage.

dressfair2 dressfair1 dressfair


Show Jumping went well. He went clear.. Had a few sticky moments on the first few jumps but managed to get round with no problems. M and I left Fairbridge tired but happy.

Show Jumping

Sunday morning we woke up to a black sky and the threat of torrential rain (almost). We got back to Fairbridge with heaps of time to get M and GK ready for XC. He warmed up really, really well. Came out of the start box and over the first two jumps brilliantly. On the down him approach to jump 3, he tried to spin around and head back up the hill. M eventually spun him around and after a bit of a slip he was back on course and heading to jump 3. The rest of the course went really well, M had to really motor to make up time but GK seemed to be having a ball. She tried to drop him into the water jump (the flagged jump was on the opposite side of the lake, but the best line was jumping in between the 1* & 3* jumps) by using the smaller drop in. He wouldn’t Jump in, so she spun him around and dropped him down the larger drop between the 1* & 2* jump. Little fool hesitated for a second and went straight in, trotted through the water, popped over the jump and took off up the him towards the last 3 jumps. He was pretty close to time and looked brilliant over the second last jump. I lost sight of them as they headed to the last jump but as I headed up towards the finish I heard someone say, “she’s off!” I saw M on the back of the quad bike, heading over to the ambulance and the XC marshal had caught GK and was holding him. I took off after I saw M waving at me letting me know she was ok and headed over to GK. As I approached I saw a cut on his chest and 1/2 the paddock caught under his saddle. The marshal called the course vet who came over and checked him out. Luckily GK only had a graze above his eye and the graze on his chest. By that stage M had come over, assured everyone she was fine, just bruised and battered and filled me in on what happened. He took off coming up towards the last jump, wouldn’t let her slow him down, slid into the last jump (the XCJJ told us that one), tried to clear it and just hit it. They had a rotational fall… Just hearing that makes you blood run cold right? So many people and horses have been injured and/or killed due to rotational falls. M flew out of the saddle, GK flipped over the jump and M thinks he landed on her arms/hands. Both of them were so luckily to have walked away with no serious injuries. GK was given a bute injection to make him a bit more comfy for his trip home. We packed up and headed home. GK got a bath and his cuts coated in Prednoderm before being left naked to go and play with Bo.

xcfair1 xcfair fairxc

Links to GK on XC… I am going to buy them, Duncan (the photographer) got awesome shots, but they are not on his website for sale yet.

Video from my phone of M and GK on course.. It’s not really all that good quality though. ๐Ÿ™‚

GK after…

GKinjured Saddle

After cleaning out the float, I headed over to S’s place as I haven’t seen her for a few weeks. After having lunch and watching a bit of TV, we decided to go and take Bo and Angel out for a bit of fitness work… As, rather than rushing GK back to be ready for Harvey CNC #2 on 5th & 6th of October, I have entered Bo into EvA65. Bo has been working well, he is jumping about 65cms at home and it will be a good experience for him. We got out to Darling Downs and took Bo and Angel into the arena for a bit of a warm up. After that we popped over a few of the XC jumps out in the park before moving to the slow work track. Bo and Angel both worked like legends. I even managed to get Bo’s EPIC extended trot. ๐Ÿ˜€ I doubt Bo will be competitive at Harvey but that horse never fails to surprise me and every time we go out he improves, so you never know… Bo will also be representing for Pink Ribbon Day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Again, If you feel like supporting us, please go to http://wa.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/NaeNae87.

The boys had the farrier out this morning. Bo’s leg was pretty swollen and sore due to his greasy heel. I have bought a hairdryer out to try and get his leg as dry as possible before putting the ointment on his leg. GK was trotting around with only the slightest hint of a limp. When I caught him for the farrier, I undid his rug at the front and palpated his chest and shoulder. He wasn’t really bothered. Either the bute hasn’t worn off or he isn’t super sore. I am hoping it is the latter, not the former.

Anyway, that’s my weekend. Next year Fairbridge will be better!!

Hope you are well

Take care

c xx


3 responses to “Fairbridge CNC – Maybe next year will be better??

  1. Oh a hair dryer? That’s a good idea,did it seem to help at all! Sorry you’re dealing with the same issues ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The photos are gorgeous though, even if all didn’t go as planned!

    • Yep, a plain old cheap hairdryer. So far, so good. There was a bit of an improvement to his legs last night, less swelling and the skin seems less inflamed. I have been using paper towels on the unaffected parts of his legs first, then using the hair dryer to get the sore bits and make sure his legs are bone dry before putting the ointment on them.
      Thanks, GK is quite photogenic. haha There is always next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

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