Sun Is Shining!!

It’s 28 degrees here today! 28 degrees!! (That’s 82.4 for those that use Fahrenheit) Bliss! I am so happy. Some lucky boys are going to the beach this arvo… *cough… Joe, Bo, and Lynx… cough* I can’t wait.


It was beautiful and sunny yesterday too. My friend E came over with Lynx, who is sporting a nice new clip and we took them over the road to the race track for a bit of fitness work. Bo was a little legend. The trotting got a bit hard for him as I was making him actually trot and not mosey along, so he kept trying to break into canter. Bless his little white socks. Lynx has been on spell for 10 weeks, so he was a bit unfit but he was a little trooper too. 🙂

Cantering in the sun 🙂

photo 1 photo 3


Lynx’s clip



E had to ride Lynx back home along the road, which is fine but Lynx isn’t good with bikes… Dirt Bikes, Quad Bikes, whatever it doesn’t really matter, Lynx doesn’t like them. As Bo was a bit tired, I saddled up GK and took him for a quick walk down the road. I love that horse. He hasn’t been ridden since he fell at Fairbridge. Lots of horses are not the type of horse you can pull out of the paddock after being fed like they are still in work (2 x hard feeds per day), jump on and expect them to behave. Not GK. For all his quirks, he is a little legend when ridden out. He did not put a hoof wrong, at all. Lynx had a moment or two when the bikes started up (to be fair, there was also barking dogs, trucks and a baby pony playing near the fence). Didn’t bother my grey feral at all. He liked walking under low hanging branches so I got smacked in the face a few times, but other than that he was brilliant. We had a lovely ride and GK seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. 🙂

Riding GK


Not too much exciting stuff is planned for the next week or so now that my knee is getting better, Bo will be doing fitness work to improve his baseline fitness before Swan River Horse Trials @ Dryandra in a few weeks. I actually found a lot of interesting information in this article written by Megan Jones for

Also this article from Horse & Hound gave a good idea of the work I should be doing. I have adapted the sample program for my horses and have used it successfully with GK. Bo is coming along nicely too.



Hope you are well

Take Care




2 responses to “Sun Is Shining!!

  1. Love the cantering photos – looks so idyllic! Hopefully the warm weather will catch up to us over here soon.. we had a top of 14C yesterday – so much for spring!

    • It was lovely. The nice weather hasn’t lasted though. It’s between 17-21 and cloudy for the next 7 days. 😦
      It was nice to pretend that it was summer for a couple of days though. Hopefully you get some nice sunshine over there shortly.

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