Fireworks and Fun in the Sun

Bo has been working well the last few days. He is coming along really, really well and I am very happy with him.


We have done a little bit of jumping but not too much as Bo over-reached and twisted his shoe. My amazing farrier was out the next morning and Bo’s shoe was fixed. As soon as it was fixed I let him out to free range on the property with GK. They had a ball hooning around playing.


Bo & GK playing


M and I went to the Perth Royal Agricultural Show. It was great there was animals, rides, exhibits and fireworks. S did well with her boss winning Pony 12hh & under as well as Champion Novice Pony under 14hh on YP Taylor Maid and 1st Novice Hunter Pony 12.2hh and under.

S and Taylor Maid


D and his partner did really well with their 3 horses winning Reserve Arab Gelding, Champion Arab Derivative and sweeping the tables winning both Champion and Reserve Champion Warmblood. Congrats to all. Well deserved results for all your hard work.


Fireworks at the Royal, I love fireworks!


The rest of the is going to be busy. Bo and I have a lesson with C on Friday and the Stuart Tinney lesson on Saturday. I am going to do Bowen treatments on Lynx and another horse, Bumblebee. I am looking forward to it. I haven’t been able to get out and treat as many horses as I would like. Working full time, having two horses and competitions on means what little time I have left, I am spending it catching up on housework. No rest for the wicked.

Just a casual GK pic.


Hope you all are well. Take care.


C xx


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