I Would Be Dead If It Wasnt For My Helmet

This is a video I found on Riders4Helmets. It’s incredibly sobering. I cried while watching it. It just goes to show how quickly accidents can happen and how important it is to wear a helmet. Your helmet is replaceable… You are not.


I Would Be Dead If It Wasnt For My Helmet.


3 responses to “I Would Be Dead If It Wasnt For My Helmet

  1. I fell off my horse when I was 16 while he was galloping because the saddle slipped. I didn’t have a helmet on. I blacked out when I hit the ground so I don’t remember, but I obviously was drug a distance because of the skid marks on my body. I had terrible whip lash and a black eye. I was unconscious for 10-20 minutes, and woke up throwing up everywhere and had to be taken to the hospital. But somehow, I had zero brain damage. CRAZY. I didn’t think much of it then (although I did start religiously wearing my helmet), but now I realize how truly lucky I am!! So for helmets, good post

    • Wow, that was really lucky! I got bucked off a friends mare in 2011. I had concussion and still can’t remember about an hour of that day. I would hate to think what would have happened if I hadn’t worn a helmet then. Needless to say, my old helmet got binned and I got a new one before getting on a horse again.

      • Yeah I’ve had issues ever since with lethargy and depression and sometimes I wonder if its related, like you hear about the concussion syndrome with the football players. But at least there were no life threatening injuries! Definitely am lucky though. Glad to hear you’re OK!

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