We had an Aha! moment. Actually it has been a a few little ones. Bo has been slowly but surely understanding forward! And flexion! And it feels incredible! πŸ™‚


Bo was a bit special in his lesson on Friday with C. On the ride down to E’s agistment centre, Bo encountered his first Deadly Treadly (Aussie slang for push bike). Well according to Bo it was a horse eating monster and he reared… on the road, near on coming cars. I managed to calm him down and the girl rode her bike back up the drive way. All good I thought, she saws him freak and she has enough sense to move away til I get him past her house, right? Wrong! I got halfway over the drive way and back down she comes. Bo lost it and started backing up, rearing. I may have yelled at her a little bit, but I wasn’t able to settle him down this time and I didn’t want to force the matter and risk either of us getting hurt as we were on a pretty busy side road. I hopped off and walked him the rest of the way.

In the lesson he settled and worked pretty well, he just gets tired and leans on my leg a lot. He isn’t super responsive at the best of times, but when he is tired and over it he just ignores me. C suggested I hold a crop on him while doing head to wall. Well, Bo was not having any of that. The impulsion picked up and the responsiveness was incredible – and then I accidentally tapped him on the bum. He shot forward, ears back and bunny hopped and spent the rest of the lesson sulking and pissy at me. Whoops! On the bright side, his trot and canter was REALLY, REALLY pretty and he could have passed for a Warmblood with his knee and hock action.

The next day was Stuart. I got up early, fed everyone and washed Bo before loading him onto the float and heading off to Makayla Wood Equestrian for the lesson. We got there early and I took him for a walk around to settle down. During the lesson he was an angel. Stuart got us working on flexion and softness and it really helped. Bo was fantastic. Me not so much. I wore boots I hadn’t broken in a lot and I kept loosing my stirrups! That was a little embarrassing. In the feed back we got from Stuart, he said that Bo has lovely natural paces and once he is softer and more supple, it is well within his ability to get 8’s and 9’s for his trot and canter work. So, I have more stuff to work on.

Bo after Stuart (shiny orange pony in his new matchy matchy euro-star set)


After that D and her friend K came over to have some horsey time. D does so much for me by traveling to events and doing helper duties so I asked if she wanted to come and hang out with GK and Bo. K and D got to ride both GK and Bo. Bo only did 5 mins all up as he had worked hard with Stuart. GK was a good boy, especially considering he has been ridden once for 20 mins since Fairbridge and he is still being fed like he is in full work. D even trotted him over a 45cm jump. We then headed over to S’s place and saw Bailey and Angel. S was over with C where she keeps her horses Abby, Lucee, Lara, Esmee and Donald… And as D and K wanted to see the babies (Donald is 4 months, Lara is 2 and Lucee is 3), we headed over too. K and S hit it off so well that we didn’t end up leaving until it was almost midnight.

The next day while waiting for my shopping to be delivered and having kitty cuddles D texted and asked if I was heading out to see the boys again… What sort of question is that?? Of course I was, but she wanted to know if she could come with me again. Of course I said yes. E was coming over too and we were going up to Brookleigh to watch a bit of Stuart’s cross country lessons. It was beautiful out in the sun. We then went out to get Bo and bring him over to the agistment centre so I could work Bo with E and Lynx. Bo worked super well, I popped him over a few jumps at the end of his session. Then E and I messed around bareback. I jumped Bo over 45cms bareback, D also jumped Bo over 45cms bareback. E took lynx over 45cms, 65cms and 80cms bareback. I gave Lynx a go, and we got over 60cms. Such good boys.

Cuddles with Indiana (black and white boy) and Muddie (fluffy girl)

indi Mudd

Bo got a Bowen treatment last night and his greasy heel treated again. He enjoyed the Bowen and the muscles that were tight and sore are the ones he has been working harder now he is able to work in a frame. He will get tonight off before a lesson with C on Wed. Thurs he will do some jumping and get clipped and prepped before we head off to Dryandra on Friday. I will work him at Dryandra on Friday. We have a good draw – 09.49 for dressage on Sat, 13.31 for show jumping on sat – in the indoor… Bo has never been in an indoor, ever. Should be interesting… and 08.50 for XC on sunday.

It should be a good week.


Hope you are well. Take care.


C xx


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