Swan River Horse Trials @ Dryandra = Wet Wet Wet

This weekend we headed back down to Cuballing Regional Equestrian Centre. There was rain forecast for Saturday, but it was supposed to be fine on Sunday, I didn’t take as many warm jackets as I should have…. I left Dryandra on Sunday, wearing every pair of pants to took with me, in an effort to keep warm!

Bo and Joe got scrubbed and trimmed before having fresh rugs and tail bags put on before hopping on the float. They both traveled well and arrived and arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The view from our camp… Eventing West Aussie Style 🙂

DSCF2999 DSCF2996

The “bedroom”


Attempting to keep warm around the gas heater with horse blankets and towels…


I hopped on Bo as soon as we got there, as I hadn’t worked him that day. He worked really well, he was a bit looky but otherwise well behaved. D1 (instructor) had already ridden his 2* horse and came out to give me a hand working Bo. After I finished with Bo, he had a hose down and got popped into his yard and got him settled in.

M and my friend D2 (who comes to help at events) got Bo and Joe sorted before going to have dinner which was put on by the event sponsor. It was free for all riders, officials and spectators and was a really nice touch. M, D2 and I headed over for some roast beef, baked potatoes and salad near the indoor arena before having an early night. Bo was a bit stressed out on the first night and I had to get up a few times to check on him as there was a few strange noises coming from his yard. He was fine, he just got a little panicky when Joe moved somewhere so he couldn’t see him.

Saturday morning was sort of sunny. Bo had his crystal plaiting slips put in his mane for dressage. They looked pretty cool, if I do say so myself. 🙂 Bo did a good test, there were a few errors (late to canter, abrupt canter to trot transition, needed to be more forward in free walk, needed to be more round as well as a few others) but over all noting that is not fixable and nothing that we are not already working on.

Bo’s first EA dressage test

Bo waiting for Show Jumping (the bailing twine look is so in this year…)


Show Jumping was next. Bo had never seen an indoor arena or half of the fill that was used in the show jumps, so considering that I was really proud of his efforts. There was an almighty leap at jump 6 which nearly unseated me, but he listened an allowed me to set him up for jump 7 which was a nice change from GK. A few things to work on (more forward and a bit of experience), and our round was not at all pretty…but he was such an honest boy.

Bo’s first EvA65 Show Jump round (excuse my growling and horrible riding…)

M and Joe did a really good dressage test and were coming second to Z and Tomato by 0.9 penalties in the EvA105J. She was a bit excited to say the least and proceeded to bounce around while we walked the cross country course. The course hadn’t changed much since GK and I did it a few weeks ago. The only difference was the roll top out of the water… It had been removed and replaced by a hay feeder.

Joe getting ready for Dressage


We went to the Cuablling pub for dinner on Saturday night with a few riders. The food was really tasty and it was nice to get out of the cold for a few hours as by then it had been raining for most of the day. D2 and I then proceeded after dinner to knock off a whole bottle of Penfolds Tawny Port between the pair of us while standing by the bonfire. I slept really well that night. 🙂



It was so wet!!

Bodry joe and truck

Cross Country was at 0850 on Sunday morning. Just as I got to warm up, the heavens opened up and Bo and I got drenched. Bo was not happy. He was also a bit excited at the start box and had to be lead in with a person on each side of him as he wouldn’t stop rearing and trying to run back to Joe at the float. We got over the first 4 jumps and he got over part A of jump 5 before we had a few run outs at part B. Bo wasn’t too sure about the chevron. He just didn’t understand it and got a bit confused. Then he saw one of the horses that had just come out of the water jump and wanted to follow it. When I turned him around, he started hopping and bucking so I retired him on course. He tried very hard but is just a bit green. Brigadoon II is in 2 weeks so we have a bit to work on before then.

Bo “Snoozing in the Rain”

snoozing in therain

Z and Tomato had an uncharacteristic 5 rails down in SJ, so M and Joe moved into 1st place. They had one rail down in SJ and had a few penalties up their sleeve as a buffer on XC.

D2 and I went over and saw Z and M on XC. D2 wanted to watch Tomato start, so we saw them out of the start box and over the first jump before heading to the water. We got there just as they went through the water. M and Joe followed a minute or so after, Joe making pretty easy work of it. They came in with 3.2 time penalties (they caught up to the rider ahead and there was nowhere to overtake) luckily, they had an 8 penalty buffer between 1st and 2nd place, so they held onto their lead. M won her first rug, Joe had is first win at EvA105 on only his 3rd run and M was delighted. Z came 3rd in the EvA105.

M & Joe at the water

Sonja Johnson on Pakirrup Illicit Liaison who won the 3*

It was a pretty good weekend over all.

Bring on Brigadoon in 2 weeks time!!

Take care



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