Oh GK, Buddy You Are Not Going To Know What Hit You…

I have been doing some reading and watching of the many videos online to help horses that rush and don’t like to stop.


I thought GK was getting better but after his fall at Fairbridge, it is clear I was wrong. So in 3 weeks when he comes of spell, after he has been back in work for a few months… His jump work is getting bumped up and he will be in for a world of new experiences designed to get him listening, thinking and concentrating on his rider.


I have found that Dom and Jimmie Schramm’s YouTube channel EventionTv to be really helpful. The way they explain exercises and use demonstrations makes for interesting viewing. In particular I will definitely be using the techniques demonstrated in the following videos.

Rushing Fences


Drifting (with Dom Schramm and Boyd Martin)

Skinny/Narrow Fences


I hope you find these as helpful and as interesting as I have found them. Feel free to check out the rest of the EventionTv videos. EventionTv is also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eventiontv 🙂


Take Care











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