Brigadoon CNC II – bloody hot!!

Well Bo-Donkey was a legend this weekend especially considering the weather, it was our first hot weekend of this spring/summer… I was a bit of a let down. šŸ™‚

He did a decent dressage test, considering we are still working on suppleness and impulsion under saddle. We were sitting 18th out of 28 after dressage. Show Jumping was not good, for me not Bo. Bo was very brave and jumped everything I asked him too. Jump 5 was a bit scary for him and he took of at least a stride too early (something I was not expecting) and my legs flew back as I lost my seat. Both stirrup leathers flew off my saddle. *face palm

If I had GK with me, I would have continued on without stirrups. However the next jump was a wall and Bo was already not sure about it and would most likely have over jumped it… I didn’t particularly want to fall off, so I retired him.

S had Angel out for her second event of the year. Unfortunately when she had a trim the day before, the farrier nicked her frog and after dressage Angel was becoming lame. S didn’t want to push her to Show Jump, even though Angel is brave and would have done the course for her mum. S scratched her.

M and Joe warmed up beautifully on the grass, preparing to go into the grass arena for Dressage. Then she found out they were in the International arena. Joe found it quite scary as there were babies crying, umbrellas (for people trying to keep the sun off them) and a lot of distractions. They didn’t have a good time. Joe was sitting last place after dressage.

Ruby and Tyson came with us on the Saturday, so while S and I walked the XC course, the dogs came with us. They had great fun playing in the water jump and jumping the EvA95, EvA105, 1* and some of the 2* jumps.

Ruby & Tyson’s adventures –



Tomato and Bo


Joe, Bo and Tomato


Sunday was supposed to be super hot. M’s EvA105 class had their XC times moved to 7.30am Sunday and the EA hot weather policy was implemented for the first time in WA. It is a great policy and really stresses the importance of the welfare of horses competing in hot weather.


M had XC before Bo and I, her and Joe ended up clear and 35 seconds under Optimum Time. She said she didn’t feel like Joe was going that fast.

M and Joe on XC

Bo was a little bit excited in warm up and he tried a few little rears before we got to the start box. I managed to get him forward and he settled down. He went into the start box by himself and was really good on course. Coming up to the jumps he was unsure of he was a little bit wiggly and he tried to squirm out of the jumps, but I kept my leg on gave him a bit of encouragement and he popped over all but the last jump. I had to re-present him at the last jump and he jumped it no worries on the second time.

Here’s a few links to pics of Bo on XC šŸ™‚

S bought Bailey up with us on the second day as Angel was at home with a poultice on her hoof. Bay has only been out to Adult Riders a few times (like Pony Club, but for adults) but events are different and we weren’t sure how he would cope. He was very well behaved and I don’t think S will have any problems with him when he goes out next year.

Bay’s first ride at and EA event šŸ™‚

Bay enjoying a cold drink late in the afternoon. S had a slushy, Bay and Bo had ice cubes in their water.

Joe knocked the first and last rail in SJ to finish 4th. Me was a bit disappointed especially as they went so well at Dryandra.

D had a pretty average weekend too, he came 2nd on one of his 2* horses, retired his other 2* horse on XC and retired his EvA80 horse on XC as well.

Z completed her first 1* on Tomato. She came 13th out of 15 completions.

In the start box… Tomato keeping us all entertained šŸ™‚

Z and Tomato coming up to the water jump



Yesterday was “the Race That Stops the Nation” – The Melbourne Cup. In the lead up I watched the movie about the 2002 Melbourne Cup, The Cup. For those who haven’t seen it, give it a watch. It’s a pretty good movie. It focuses on the events leading up to the cup back then, the Oliver brothers Jason and Damien and Jason’s death at Belmont Park 2 weeks before Damien was due to ride Irish horse Media Puzzle. There are a few teary moments I must admit and even though most of the cast are not horsey people it was a well made movie.


Gai Waterhouse won her first cup with Fiorente. It was a well deserved win after many years of trying. In our office sweepstake, I drew 3rd place getter Mount Athos and won $17 AUD. Tragically a mare called Varema broke her cannon bone during the race and had to be euthanized. My condolences go out to her connections. What a way to end a Melbourne Cup Campaign. Regardless whether you are for or against horse racing, leaving the track without your horse no one can deny would be devastating.

Fiorente and jockey Damien Oliver



RIP Varema – Run pain free in that big paddock in the sky.

varema varema1


I have also been reading and watching documentaries about horse biomechanics. The below video is Inside Natures Giants – Racehorse. It was pretty interesting and for those interested it is worth a look.


That’s all from this end of the world.


Hope you are well.


Take Care


C xx


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