He’s Baack! – GK, That is. And Bo Throws a Temper Tantrum.

So yesterday I get a phone call from M. It went something like this;

M – Can I borrow GK on 7th Dec? He only needs to jump 60cm and put up with me riding around dressed as a superhero…

Me – Umm ok? Why?

M – Oh D and I are doing a competition at the Milne Feeds Spectacular at Brigadoon. We need a pony and I was going to take Chevy but you know D, he wants to win so he suggested GK coz he’s bombproof, well at least I have never seen anything scare him and also D and I know he’s capable of jumping 1.05m.

Me – Sure no problems… I had better have a sit on him and bring him into work early then.

M – When was he coming back into work?

Me – After Harvey.

M – Oh… Yeah. Might be an idea then.

So last night I hopped on GK before working Bo. I have to say that even though he is unfit, the time off seems to have done him the world of good. He was stretching and nice and supple. I only did 15 mins with him and the work was mostly long and low, but he was working well. GK went to the beach last Sunday with Lynx, Joe, Angel and my friend R (who GK and I stayed with at Gidge) bought Honesty and Indi down too. GK was really good. The only time he played up is when S and I walked down the sand with Honnie and Indi. GK thought it was going to be a race when S and I turned he and Angel around. He did a little rear and buck which I wasn’t expecting and I fell off. According to E, I have some mad ninja skills and I landed on my feet next to a prancing GK. I hopped back on, he tried to unseat me again, which I was expecting and managed to sit and GK gave up and proceeded to pretty much Passage down the beach. After that he gave some small children pony rides down the beach and into the water. He did not put a hoof wrong and was an absolute legend. Why can’t he behave like that all the time?!? Right, because he is GK. 🙂

Four Musketeers? Or the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse??? L-R GK, Angel, Indi, Honesty.


Bo and I have been having regular lessons with E and Lynx from C. I can’t believe how much the pair of us have improved in 4 weeks. I am so proud of Bo… Although not quite as much after his tantrum last night. He wouldn’t unlock his neck and flex to the right for me so M got on him. She pushed his buttons and picked the fight which resulted in Bo and her arguing for 20 mins… With Bo arguing on his back legs. M just sat there and kept asking for flexion and pushing him forward. He eventually gave up and did as he was told but M got a split lip for he trouble as he smacked her in the face with his head.



Hopefully he has learned his lesson as we have a jumping lesson with D this evening. We also have a lesson with C tomorrow night. I don’t want any more attitude from him but I am not holding my breath. He is really good 99% of the time… It’s the other 1% that he’s a right pain in the bum. I am lucky I have friends experienced enough to help me when he gets like that.

Bo with Lynx after having a hose off.

donkeyandlynx donkey2

Other than that not much else has happened. We are gearing up for Harvey after which Bo will have a few weeks break before he is bought back into work for next season. Hopefully by then all the flies have died off. They are horrible at the moment.

We had a bonfire for a friends birthday on Sat night. It was in Dawesville, right near the estuary. There were people walking past catching crabs at 10pm. We on the other hand had a camp oven on which we cooked chicken drumsticks and sausages. I also had a nice surprise that night. One of Bo’s old jockey’s messaged me on Facebook. She said it was great to see him happy and healthy and was glad he found a nice home as he was one of her favourites. She sent me a picture of Bo winning the Meekatharra Cup on 29/9/2008 and also a pic of him when he was on spell around 2008/2009. I sent her some pics of Bo at Dryandra and Brigadoon which she was going to send to his old trainer as she said he would be really happy that he’s got a good home.

Camping – Sort of.


Sunrise over the pool fence with the estuary in the back ground.


Bo Winning at Meekatharra!


Bo as a 4-5 year old out on spell



Hope you all are well.


C xx



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