Countdown to Harvey II…

The End is Near………


I must admit that I am looking forward to a break. It will be a chance to reflect on the season and address some issues that the boys and I have been having. Bo has been well behaved since his temper tantrum, he has had a day or so off and got treated to a Bowen session last night. Tonight we will do some light work before jumping on Wed and concentrating on flat work for the remainder of the week.

GK had his first proper ride back and was a bit of a tool. Whenever he comes off spell he is full of himself and he likes to test the boundaries… Which means he gets long reined for a few sessions and essentially re-mouthed. At times I really wonder what on earth GK’s old owners were thinking and how they managed to ride him because he is 100% better now then he was and even now, I find him to be a handful. When breaking in horses, get it done properly… You will save yourself a lot of trouble and be a lot less likely to get a GK. Not that he isn’t a beautiful horse to have around, but there would be a lot less problems if he never learned his many evasions.

M and I have a really good draw for the weekend. Dressage will be hot as but we don’t have to do anything else on Sat so it won’t be too bad. Bo and I have Show Jumping at 7.56 on Sun morning and XC at 11.58. M and Joe have XC at 7.51 Sun Morning and Show Jumping at 10.32… It’s good in summer, everything is over and done with early to beat the heat. Although, according to the forecast it’s not going to be really hot. As of this morning it says it will be 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) on Sat and 23 degrees Celsius (73.4 degrees Fahrenheit) on Sun. That’s a really nice change compared to the 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) that we had this Sat just gone. Although it is only Tuesday and the forecast is very likely to change.

That’s all from me. Take Care.




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