Harvey II CNC – Revenge of the Hill.

Harvey II, last event of the year. What a way to wrap it up and I don’t mean that in a good way.

It was hot, there were flies, it was hot, then it rained, I fell over a lot… oh and my horse was a tool.

Harvey Hill – 1, Me – 0


M and I had a great draw (or so we thought) we could sleep in and didn’t have to rush around Friday night getting ready. Yeah right! Saturday got off to a good start, Bo had a bath and was a good boy while I plaited him. He stood still happily munching on breakfast which is a nice change. Normally he is a bit of a fidget but with all the show prep he has undergone, I think he is getting used to it all. Once Joe and Bo were plaited, we loaded them up and headed down to Harvey. There was really bad music, singing and despite the heat we were in good spirits.

We got to Harvey, I managed to eventually get the ute up the hill in the parking area (not the gravel one, the one near the SJ arena). The ute and I had a few disagreements as to whether it would go in to low range 4wd or not… 😦 Anyway we made it, we parked, we got the horses unloaded and started saddling up to head on down to dressage which was not at Yarrahdale this time, it was on the XC course. The arenas were nice and flat. I thought the organizers did a good job, especially after the event had to be postponed due to rain. The only thing that Bo and I did not like were the flies. They swarmed him and he was not happy about it. M and I must have used a whole container of FlyAway on Joe and Bo just for Dressage alone. It had no effect. Bo was cranky and did not want to be there at all. Our dressage test was atrocious, I was so focused on the flies and keeping all 4 of Bo’s legs on the ground that I missed my first trot circle… *facepalm*. The only redeeming factors were;

1. I stayed on

2. Bo stayed in the arena

3. We didn’t get eliminated


After that train wreck performance, we hosed the horses down and started setting up camp. M and I walked our respective XC courses while D stayed in the shade. Poor thing got burnt to a crisp at Brigadoon (not from lack of sun cream mind you) and is sporting an impressive T-shirt suntan. I have only ever ridden the EvA80 course at Harvey, so it was my first time on the EvA65. Both courses were pretty similar and I thought it would ride well. Bo is pretty green on course still but I didn’t think we would have too many problems. (It turned out however, that Bo had other ideas). After walking the course, we went up and had showers. They were cold, but I didn’t care. It was wonderfully refreshing after just about sweating out half my body weight in water. M, D and I fed the horses, g0t dressed and headed out into Harvey to have dinner at a restaurant called Trattoria Briscola. We got pizza from them on our last trip down. The pizza was pretty good so we said that we’d go back next time. They did not disappoint. The food was great and we all left really full.

Bo and Joe chilling after Dressage

bojoe3 bojoe1

Joe and the scary man moving his tent… Bo not bothered by it at all


Saturday night we decided not to sleep in the float as it was still a bit warm and we all had swags, so we slept under the pop up shelters. D and I closest to the yards and M further up the hill. We set up out beds and went down to watch the fun and festivities in the show jumping arena. They had 3 legged races and high jump competitions. There were people falling over left right and center. It was a fun night. D and I left M and headed up to bed after the high jump finished. M followed a while later. It started to rain in the middle of the night, D and I were fine as our heads were under the shelters (and I had the canvas of my swag over my face), M was not so lucky, her head was hanging out from under the shelter and her face was exposed… You can imagine what happened next I am sure. πŸ™‚

We woke up to some soggy horses the next morning. They were fine as it wasn’t cold but Joe doesn’t like being we so he was a bit sulky. The horses got fed and tacked up ready to jump. M had XC first thing and Bo and I had SJ. There were a few little rears from Bo as we left Joe but he got over that pretty quickly after he received and smack on the bum and got told to move forward. Bo jumped really well, he was a little bit looky and too slow again but he made it around the course with no rails and no refusals so I was happy. All that was left was XC. M and Joe did well on XC, they had a few time penalties but only 1 person went double clear out of M’s class so she was pretty happy.

Bo waiting for his Joe to come back from SJ


D and I went down onto the XC course and watched a bit of the 1*, 2* and EvA95 XC before heading up to watch M and Joe in SJ. Joe jumped well but got 1 rail… but no one jumped clear and M ended up in 2nd place.

M and Joe flying


Super Joe


Through the owl hole


The Hill, from about 1/2 way up… Looks are deceiving.


XC for Bo and I was not much better than our Dressage. Bo does not seem to like XC courses where horses canter off into the distance and he cannot see them (like Dryandra) and as with the Harvey course you canter off down hill, Bo was a bit upset. With 30 seconds left on the count down he reared twice, I lost my stirrups and was saved by the seat of my pants… literally – Kerrits Sit-Tight Supremes. http://www.kerrits.com/equestrian-apparel/pc/Sit-Tight-Supreme-Fullseat-p2755.htmΒ I have them in white.Β They’re amazingly sticky and they have saved me in a few hairy moments. Aussie people, I got mine from Bec at Pimp My Pony. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pimp-my-Pony-Tack-and-Horse-Care/154593801269774

I got Bo going forward and he kept all fours on the ground for the rest of the count down. We took off out of the start box well, over the first 9 jumps. I even managed to swallow a fly at jump 4, which was caught on camera by a lovely photographer for Redfoto.com.au. All went well until the water jump. Bo saw the horse before him had stopped, so he automatically came to the conclusion that the water jump was full of horse eating monsters. Annnddddd that set him off again. He reared and reared and reared, all the while I was kicking him forwards and waiting for another rider to come through so we could get a lead. The rider after us stopped too (3 of us folks, 3 were stopped at the water) but luckily the rider after that had a horse who was good with water so I got Bo through too. Up a small hill, over the 11 AB coffin and back down the little hill for jumps 12, 13 and 14. Then we went down a DRY drain to jump 15 before coming to a screeching halt at the next drain which had a small 60cm wide puddle at the bottom of it. Rather than leap it, Bo decided that there was a huge pile of horse eating monsters in the water and there was no way he would be going down it. Bo proceeded to rear and spin (quite a feat when you consider he was spinning on the grass covered walls of the cutting). I tried to get him down it my self but had no luck, Bo wasn’t going through it without another horse as bait, I mean a lead. Someone eventually came along and Bo got through it then we had to clear jump 16 cross a bridge and head up the hill for jump 17. By this time Bo was buggered and I had no idea how we had gone as thanks to Bo’s acrobatics, I forgot to start my watch but I was happy that my giant ginger knob head had made it around the course (we ended up eliminated for exceeding maximum time) regardless how slow it was.

Me choking on a fly…


Bo at jump 7


On course


Bo got hosed off, fed again and popped back in the yard with Joe while M, D and I packed up and waited for presentations. M collected her rosette and Horseland gift voucher and by this time D and I had loaded the float and headed down to pick her up on the way out. I even managed to not argue with the ute about low range! Winning!! On the drive back M slept, so I cranked the music and sang really badly until we got to Pinjarra. We were all super hungry so M suggested we stop at the bakery (which has a HUGE trophy case full of awards..) and get some food. D and I got pies and M got a sausage roll… Wow it was like we had died and gone to heaven. The pies were amazing!

We got home at about 4.30-5ish and put the boys in their paddocks. They were happy to be home, Bo went straight to his dirt patch and had a nice big roll before heading over to the hay roll to stuff his face. He had a Bowen treatment on Monday night and he is now having a little break. He did well to step into GK’s shoes (hooves? whatever) for the last few events, especially considering he didn’t have a lot of preparation. He does seem to enjoy it, so next year I may have to take him out Eventing a bit too. I will be doing a bit more work with him before that though.

GK is coming along nicely, he is working well and will hopefully be good to go for the Milne Feeds Spectacular at the State Equestrian Center on 7/12. After that is Eventing in the Park which I am really looking forward to… not as a rider as I am nowhere near good enough and neither are my horses, but as a spectator. A few people I know are riding so I will be cheering them on. 3 days after that my friend A and I are going to Cavalia which looks amazing too and then I am on 2 weeks holiday for Christmas and New Year. LOTS of beach trips will be happening, I think.

Bo still shiny after 2 days naked and rolling in dirt… a little skinny but he always loses a bit of weight when it’s hot. He will stack it on during his break πŸ™‚


GK looking relaxed (and filthy) after his holiday.


Not too much else is planned.

I hope everyone is well.

Take Care



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