Spectacular, Spectacular – The Milne Feeds Spectacular!!

Sorry for not posting for a bit, I have had problems with my internet (thanks iiNet and Telstra).

Training wise, not all that much has been happening. It has all been going well, GK is settling back into work nicely and Bo is having a break.

omm nom nom nom – GK with his hay roll


This past Saturday (7/12) was the Milne Feeds Spectacular at the SEC. It was a fantastic night and I will definitely be back next year.

GK ready for action (well to hop onto the truck at least…)

098 097

M, GK, D and Gary were entered into a display called Zig Zag pairs which was comprised of a senior rider, a junior rider, a horse and a pony. The junior rider had to be on the pony and they started off by completing their smaller course and handing a flag over to the senior rider who then did their larger course, the winner was the fastest pair (4 second penalties for each fallen rail). The teams comprised of some of the best show jump and event riders in the state and all were in costume. There was Marge and Lisa Simpson, Santa’s Helpers, the 8th and 11th Dr Who and their horses were TARDIS (? is there a plural for TARDIS?), Scary Spice and Ginger Spice made an appearance, the Lone Ranger and Tonto (the kid was amazing, he did his speed round bareback – talk about committing to his costume!!), Men in Black, Jockeys… M and D were Redfoo from LMFAO.

M, D, GK & Gary – Pre Show

107 106 105 103 102 101 100 111

I have to admit, I was a little nervous. GK has never been in an Indoor Arena, nor has he been in front of that large a crowd complete with music pumping before… I needn’t have worried. M said he felt a little nervous in the first round but come the second round, he was like… “don’t worry, I got this.” You can really see the change in his attitude though between the first and second rounds… His speed was even faster! They got 58 seconds for the first round but Gary got a rail on the last jump. Luckily they had done so well that they were still in the top 4 and got to go into the jump off. The second round, both boys went clear and were the fastest pair by 7 seconds on a score of 54 seconds. M and D won some really nice hoodies by Lilydale Road (http://www.lilydaleroad.com.au/) which they were really pleased with.

First Round


Second Round


After their rounds, we took the boys back to the stables, gave them a hose off and something to eat before heading back to watch the rest of the show. We missed the Mounted Police Demonstration, although it was apparently really impressive. They had the horses walking through fire, herding up “unruly revelers” and they had people throwing bottles of water at the horses to demonstrate what the horses deal with on a weekly basis when on patrol. *none of the horses were hurt and all went out on Patrol in Northbridge after the show finished*

There was a 5 bar competition which was pretty cool. Some of the riders in the 5 bar, also competed in the Zig Zag Pairs too (hence the guy with the Union Jack painted on his horse’s rump – he was Ginger Spice, complete with makeup, the union jack dress and a ginger wig). I videoed the last 3 rounds after one jump had been removed and the last jump was set at 1.35M (4ft 5inches), 1.45M (4ft 9inches) and 1.60 (5ft 2inches)…







Santa came out with an elf and a little pony dressed as Rudolph. They did laps of the arena and threw lollies out at everyone. 🙂

Coming up this weekend is Eventing in the Park (http://eventinginthepark.com.au/) which should be a blast. Megan Jones, Stuart Tinney and Sonja Johnson are all competing (3 Olympians! I don’t think WA has had an event featuring 3 Olympians in it before…). It is going to be super hot and I do not envy the horses and riders out competing.

Sonja Johnson and her 2008 Beijing Olympic ride Ringwould Jaguar, jumping over the new Holden Trax which is the first prize for the Grand Prix class!


Forecast for the week ahead, Sunday is Eventing in the Park… 😦 Lots of beach visits methinks)


That’s all from me. I am going to leave you with my new favourite video… A huge thanks to Dom & Jimmie Schramm for this, I had a good laugh. 🙂 Enjoy



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