Eventing in the Park

On Sunday S and I attended a new event called Eventing in the Park. http://www.eventinginthepark.com.au/

S & I


It was held at McCallum Park in Victoria Park…. For any cricket fans who may be reading – It’s a hop skip and a jump away from the WACA  (West Australian Cricket Association Ground) where the 3rd Test of the 2013/2014 Ashes was held. I have to admit I am a bit happy that we have regained the Ashes… Thanks for the early Chrissy present!! 🙂

Capture1 Capture

In the lead up to the event, Sonja Johnson and her 2008 Beijing ride Jag were jumping the brand new Holden Trax which was the prize for the winner of the Grand Prix class… Jag may have touched the car a little. It was only a small dent. 🙂 For the promo video (dent included) made by the amazing team at RedFoto follow this link. It’s good for a laugh 🙂  http://www.redfoto.com.au/2013-Photos/2013Eventing/Eventing-in-the-Park/Sponsors-2013-12-15-Eventing-i/i-39qx7KM

So Sunday came and I am happy to say both boys and I have survived the heat. S and I managed to not get burned to a crisp too. We drove into Vic Park and got a great parking spot before heading over to wait for the gates to open. Once we got in we headed over to do a bit of window shopping at the trade stands. There were a few there, Saddles Plus, Horseland, Europa, Equiwear (who sell the Flexible Fit Equestrian gear), Pimp My Pony and a few others. S and I made our war over to the Shacks Holden Lounge, found some seats in the shade and settled in to wait for the Diamond Class to start.

3 2

The event lived up to the hype. The course was challenging enough to really test the horse and rider combinations while still making it fun and entertaining for the spectators. There was no dressage, just a hybrid Show Jump/Cross Country course. Riders were not allowed to walk the course with any measuring equipment/cross country apps/clicker wheels and they were not allowed to wear any timing equipment or watches. They were provided an optimum time and course specifications by the organisers and the winner was the rider closest to optimum time. Each refusal was a 4 second penalty, as was each rail. There was a huge joker fence at the end of the course that riders could attempt too. If successfully cleared it would remove 4 penalties and you were able to re-present and try to clear it again to take off a further 4 penalties. If you knocked it, 8 penalties would be added to your score.

There were a few falls, a lot of rails and some brilliant riding. Out of 50 riders, only 29 completed. The announcers did a great job and thoroughly explained what was happening for those that may not be horsey or familiar with Eventing or Show Jumping. One of the junior riders, Sammy Bain had a cracker of a round and ended up winning a $10,000 AUD diamond bracelet which was kindly donated by Solid Gold. There were prizes down to 10th place which were mostly saddles donated by Saddles Plus, Europa and Horseland.

Tim Ellis and Ellison Park Valet





Z and Tomato



For anyone wanting to see some of the professional pictures from the event, check out this RedFoto gallery. They got some fantastic shots that my iPhone just can’t compete with.  http://www.redfoto.com.au/2013-Photos/2013Eventing/Eventing-in-the-Park/Diamond-Class/i-8jNSRj5

There was a break at 12pm to allow time for the course to be changed, the Fashions on the Field competition, the presentations for the Diamond Class and to allow the Grand Prix class to walk the course. S and I took advantage of this to grab something to eat and get up to stretch our legs.

7 8

At 13.45 the Grand Prix Class commenced. It has some big names in it! Sonja Johnson, Stuart Tinney, Christine Bates, Megan Jones and also some of the best riders in WA. Again the course was appropriately challenging… No one got around clear. Local rider Tegan Cook took home the Holden with Stuart Tinney sitting .02 of a penalty behind her. D had a great time, his 2 horses finished 5th and 6th which he was pretty delighted with as his goal was to have two top 10 finishes. As with the diamond class, there were prizes to 10th with the majority of people winning new saddles or saddle vouchers. Out of 50 only 31 combinations completed. The majority of people were eliminated due to 3 refusals on course. There were a few Show Jumpers who had never seen a skinny brush chevron and they weren’t too sure about it especially as they were jumping towards the crowd. All competitors did an amazing job and I hope they all had as much fun out there as S and I did watching.

D and Gary



Makayla Wood and Early Days



Stuart Tinney and Max Almighty


D and Woody


GK has been working hard. I took him for a gallop last night and after 4 laps of the track the little feral was pumped up and wanted to keep going!! I took him home as I am slowly building him back up and don’t want to push him too hard too soon. He had a nice roll in that sand as soon as I put him in his paddock before heading over to his hay roll to stuff his face.

19 18

Tonight A and I are off to Cavalia. For this who don’t know what Cavalia is, is like Cirque du Soleil but with horses. http://www.cavalia.net/en/cavalia-show/about-show

A and I have seats smack bang in the middle in the second row. We get a tour of the stables after the show, a buffet before the show and free beer, wine and bubbly too. I can’t wait. All my friends who have seen it have said it is phenomenal.

caV3 cav1 cav

Hope you all have a great week.


Take care




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