Happy 2014!!

I know it’s been a while since my last post but I have been on holidays with minimal computer access, sorry!

Merry Christmas from Ruby



Christmas and New Year were pretty quiet. I spent that time getting on top of my gardening. Now that’s done, it is time to turn my attention to my bedroom. It looks like a disaster zone. And also my garage, now my sheds have been cleaned out I can move things out of the garage to free up space. πŸ™‚ I have to complete the last unit of my Bowen Diploma and start actually treating horses, I have a few ideas of other services I can offer but it is a matter of implementing them…

Not all that much has been happening recently. GK and Bo are in full work getting ready for the up coming season. We are having weekly lessons with C and a few with D thrown in. Bo is going to the Acres Dressage Training Day at the SEC on 19/1 which will be good for him. His dressage is coming along nicely (it still needs work, but it is improving).

GK has been really, really good. I have been playing around with different bits for him and I think I have found on that is working really well. For the first time ever, he is stretching into the contact and not tucking his chin to evade. His neck is lovely and supple (well more so than usual) and he is bracing a lot less than he used to. It’s either that, or I can ride a whole lot better than I used to?? Maybe a bit of both? πŸ™‚ I love bit shopping at D’s! I can try and test before I go and get my own. For anyone interested, GK has gone from this,fulmerto thisΒ mullen

GK also has his jumping mojo back. We have done a bit of jumping with M and had a lesson with D last Friday… 95cms!!


GK just popped over it. No rushing, No hooning, No catleaping… He did not put a hoof wrong. Can’t wait for this coming season.

Hope you all had a great ChristmasΒ and New Year!

Cuddles with Joe…






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