Something pretty scary… A must read for riders.

As you may or may not know, occasionally I share post, reblog, etc information I find interesting and think is worth reading. Please read this. Knowledge is power.


First a little history, In 2012 I was lucky enough to attend a lecture in Equine Bio-mechanics by a lady called Sharon May-Davis. It was when I was studying my Diploma of Equine Bowen Therapy. She was the highlight of my course.ย If anyone gets the chance to attend a lecture or a dissection with her, seriously go. You will learn so much. It does not matter if you are a body worker, instructor, rider, groom, vet, vet nurse… what ever. She has a way of explaining things, an enthusiasm and passion for what she teaches and lectures about that is highly infectious. You cannot help but be inspired by her. Amazing woman.


She has found a congenital defect in Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred derivatives that affects the C6 and C7 vertebra (the bones in the neck). The longus colli muscle has attachments to bone running all the way from the T5 (Thoracic vertebra) all the way up to the C5. This is super important as it stabilses the spinal column through the base of the neck (cervicothoracic junction). Some of these horses are only mildly affected but other more seriously affected horses can have problems keeping balance when having their hooves done, riders notice the horses feel unbalanced one way, crooked or are unable to move the shoulders as freely as with an unaffected horses.


This defect can not only endanger horses lives but also their riders, whether they are pleasure riders, grass roots competition riders, professional riders (FEI level, jockeys, track work, etc).


For more information please, please have a read of the following link. It was written by a lady called Cat, with Sharon’s permission. Cat has allowed me to share the link to her page. I myself am a regular reader of Cat’s blog and find it hugely informative. There is a great interview with Sharon May-Davis herself that Cat posted on 2/1/2014 which is worth the read too (if you have the time, just keep reading and don’t stop… you will not regret it.)


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