By Jove, I Think He’s Got It!!

Just a quick update today.

Bo has been pretty good this week. I started off lunging him with side reins so he could work stuff out on his own without having to factor me into the equation. There were a few acrobatic attempts but we worked through them and on Tuesday he settled straight into work. He was treated to a nice long groom and vigorous curry comb for his trouble. He also got some Bowen and a bit of trigger point done.

Wednesday was a day off and Bo thoroughly enjoyed free ranging with GK and the others.

Last night I hopped on Bo, started off with some long and low work. He was great. Super happy with him. I just need to stop being such a pushover and not allow Bo to do his Llama impression (which he does quite well) any more. If last night is anything to go by, we shouldn’t have to many problems.

Bo cooling down




GK with M and Joegk



Even though I know how to get Bo working, I found this video was helpful. It explains what is needed in simple, easy to understand language.

It is going to be 39 degrees on Sunday. M, Bo, Joe and I will be at the State Equestrian Centre at the Acres Dressage Training Day. Luckily my first test is at 8.20am and my second test is at 9.12am. M and Joe are on at 9.12am and 10.26am. We should all be home by 11.30am if all goes to plan.

My pump up song for Sunday… 🙂


GK has been a good boy this week too. The new bit he is in seems to be working really well. Last night I went and bought my own one… Now I can give D his one back. 🙂 GK will be in competition preparation as of next week. Jumping once a week, Fitness work once a week, flat work for the remaining work days with two days rest. 

Hope you are all well. Stay cool (or warm, depending where you live)

Koala, escaping the heat.


C xx


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