A Close Call

Well, we had an interesting Sunday.

The first half was great. Bo and Joe were well behaved.

Bo came 3rd out of 7 in his Prep A class on a score of 65.526%.

Joe came 3rd out of 24 in the Prelim 1.1 class on a score of 65% and Bo was 14th in the same class on a score of 57.727%. The 1.1 was my first test of the day and I was a little bit anxious… The tests are all new for 2014 and my riding and steering was horrible (look up dammit, prepare for the corners and don’t lean forward!!). Bo was really good though. All the comments and marks were fair and are things I am working with D and C on – other than me losing my brain and forgetting how to actually ride. Bo rarely did his Giraffe impersonation -HUGE improvement on last year – so I am pretty happy with him.

Prepping Bo and Joe Sat night at D’s place


An essential item at every show prepping session


I am officially a Diamond Paste convert. I love this stuff for super blingy bling!!


All clean


Bo’s 1.1 test

Joe also came 12th out of 18 in his Novice 2.1 test on a 60.556%.

Joe and M in action




Bo and I




We managed to get the two boys home before the heat got too bad and M, D and I spend the rest of the day alternating between the couch under the air-con and the pool.

The heat had taken so much out of me, that I was home and in bed asleep by 8.30pm. I was woken up by M calling my phone at 11.15pm. I had 7 missed calls. She was calling to tell me there was a fire across the road but not to worry too much as the fire brigade with about 5 trucks and they seemed to have it under control. If the wind changed though all the horses would needed to be evacuated. It was pretty scary stuff as I was at least 20 minutes away and wouldn’t get out there in time to help if needed. S and her mum had said in the event of an evacuation we could take all 5 boys to their place and put them in the 30 acre paddock out the back until it was safe for them to return home. Luckily the fire was put out and the horses did not have to endure a late night dash to safety.

The Red scribble is where the fire was…. The Green X and circle is where the boys paddocks are…


What the fire looked like from M’s house


The next day


Not much else has happened. It has been pretty hot the last few days… Still 38 degrees at 6pm when I normally ride, so both boys have had a few days off. Even the Emu’s up in Shark Bay have been finding unusual ways to keep cool.


GK will be having a C lesson with E, Lynx and I tonight. We will be riding under the lights at the Agistment Centre (Yard/Barn) that E keeps Lynx at. It will be the first time that E and C have seen GK in his new bit. Fingers crossed he is in a good mood and behaves himself. Both he and Bo had their feet done this morning and GK had fun hassling his favorite farrier BJ. He was playing with BJ’s collar, nuzzling his ears and playing with his hair and apron despite both BJ and my best efforts to keep him from doing it. I think he secretly loves BJ. 

Kisses from GK


Bo 🙂


Hope you are all well.




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