Busy Few Days

Last Saturday I went into Fremantle with another friend S and my beautiful god-daughters. We had coffee and cake at Bennys, a wander around The Pickled Fairy, some shops and the Esplanade as well as a ride in Fremantle’s very own London Eye Rip-Off – The Skyview Wheel.

Fremantle Port in the distance



Little Creatures Brewery and The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

5 4

I helped S at Pony Club last Sunday. It was Bailey’s first pony club ever and he went with his big sister Angel. S asked me to baby sit Bailey while Angel was doing her jumping class. Bay had Oscar to keep him company. Oscar is a friend called T’s 4 yr old OTTB who was attending Pony Club to get use to shows and going out with other horses. Both Bay and Oscar were well behaved. Oscar decided to re-landscape his yard and dug a hole about 65cms deep, which I had to fill in. Bay was a bit scared of the bright coloured trot poles in his lesson. S was calm and patient with him and he started to relax a bit. There was some impressive pig rooting, a few hops and a couple of massive leaps over the poles but over all Bay did well.

Bay, Oscar and the hole…



Bay, Angel and Oscar



Bay’s First Pony Club Lesson


Terrifying poles

8 9

Getting the hang of it


On Monday there was a fire that was a little too close for comfort. It didn’t reach M’s place, but I wasn’t willing to take any chances and took the boys over to S’s place for the night. By 4am Tuesday it had already burnt through 500ha (roughly 1235 acres). It was bought under control on Wednesday with only hot spots and flair ups before it was finally put out.


13 12


I was not happy about leaving to go home, so Ruby and I stayed at S’s place. There were huge plumes of smoke and driving down the freeway to go home and get Ruby, I could see the top of the flames along the side of the road. Scary stuff. I hate fires.

The fire from S’s place



GK and Bo having breakfast at S’s

15 17


Some good news now… GK is going to do Interschools! A friend of E’s family and her daughter G were looking for a horse to lease so I offered GK (this was after I had spent the previous 10 mins saying how much of a snot bag he can be, haha whoops). G said she’d have a sit on him and see how she liked him as all he needs to do is a Novice dressage test, jump 60 cms and do a little bit of in hand showing, all of which he has done before. I rode him before G hopped on him so she could see what he was like and then she had a ride and fell in love with him.

I have never seen someone take to him as quickly as I have. G had a jump on him and pretty much made up her mind that she wanted to ride him. So now GK is in the process of getting registered with Equestrian Australia. He needs a microchip and a brand before that can happen though, so guess what is happening in the next few days?? 🙂


Not all that much else to report.

Hope you are well.



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