GK’s New Body Art

GK has had a busy week.

He was micro chipped on Tuesday and was very brave (me not so much when I saw the size of the needle) and was branded on Thursday. Branding is compulsory over here in WA and is in place to aid in stock Identification and also in the event of a disease out break (Equine Influenza, Equine Herpes, Hendra… etc) it allows the Department of Agriculture to track horse movements to assist with quarantine if necessary. It is not a perfect system however I do agree with the necessity of being able to notify horse owners about a potential out break in an area and what properties may be affected.

So, GK was sedated and L came out to do the deed. GK was a good boy (and apparently a really cheap drunk, only taking a little bit of sedation to be quite out of it), he didn’t even flinch when the freeze brand was applied.

L was super happy with him and GK seemed to be quite content using the float and his lead rope to hold his head up.

1 2

Bo came over for moral support. Bo’s saying “Mum, what did you do to him??”


GK was content to let it all hang out for a while.


GK’s new brands – the swelling will go down in a few days

5 6

And what was Joe doing while all this was happening??

7 8

Now all that is over, all that remains is to register him with Equestrian Australia. Thankfully it only has to be done once.

Take care.



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