Bo vs Water Jump

This weekend was pretty good.

I had a XC clinic up at Brookleigh with MW. As Bo is doing Capel CNC in about 3 weeks, I figured we had better put in a little work with water jumps. Brookleigh’s water jump is quite enclosed and I guess it would be classed as a scary jump… so it was perfect to work with Bo in it as I figured that if I could get him confident in that water jump, Capel’s should be a breeze.

We left home at 10am and made it up there with about 40 mins to spare. I unloaded Bo, got him some water and let him take in all the sights as there was a show jump training day in the indoor arena too. G and C came to watch Bo in action and G helped me get Bo ready.

Chilling at the float.



Not too keen on these boot things mum…


We started off close to the floats, there are a few small jumps and an open ditch that we worked over. Bo isn’t ditchy at all which I am thankful for and he sailed over it with no problems.

It’s a ditch Bo, not an upright… 😛


Next up we went out to the back paddock and worked on the log stack. I really have to work on keeping Bo forward. As soon as I come out of two point to balance him, he slows right down… Which I guess is good in some ways, but I need to remember to keep driving him forward so he has enough momentum to help him over the jump. He did the log stack well but the heat was starting to get to me.

Next jump was another ditch. I was struggling to keep my legs on to get enough canter for Bo to get over it. He kept getting deep to it, but we did improve each time.

First attempt

Last attempt

Then was the water. MW got us walking through the water, getting the horses feet wet. Bo went in fine and decided it was nice standing in the water and that he wanted to start pawing… In the process he completely soaked the girl behind us and her little pony. Naughty boy. We then cantered through the water before jumping out of the water and then jumping in. Bo was alright out of the water but had a little think about jumping in. Again he got there and I was really proud of him.

Out the water



Bo out the water

Bo in the water first attempt

Bo in the water… finally!

Last jump was the sunken road. I have taken Bo over this jump before and I know he is fine with it. By this stage I was feeling a bit sick and was shaking. Bo was fine, not sweaty or anything but he could sense that I was over it and had enough so he napped a little bit before jumping it. We got through it, not super neat but Bo didn’t even hesitate –  I just needed him more forward.

We finished after that. MW was happy with him and just said I need to trust him more over the jumps, get him forward and let him do it. I was please with how we had done, it wasn’t perfect but it was a big improvement on Harvey. 


Hope you all are well.

Take Care




2 responses to “Bo vs Water Jump

    • Haha, he is always like that for a few moments when he gets boots, bandages or whatever on his back legs. He is a bit special. 🙂

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