Competition Prep In Full Swing

So with the first event of the season, Capel CNC only 15 days away we are kicking into a new gear. Bo has been doing a bit of jumping and fitness work over the last few weeks.

On Tuesday M and I took Joe and Bo down to Navel Base beach and did some sand galloping with the pair of them. I can honestly say I have never felt Bo move like that! He definitely found a couple of new gears and was absolutely flying over the sand. He and Joe were really well behaved and were rewarded with a quick swim afterwards to help cool off (them as well as M and I). Whilst chest deep in the water, Bo decided he hadn’t had enough cater work which resulted in me having an unplanned dismount… fully clothed… into the water. Luckily Bo and Joe just stopped and stood there looking at me as if to say, what the heck are you doing down there?? M on the other hand was laughing her backside off.

Sunset over the Indian Ocean…1

GK has been doing great. He and G are really getting along well. On 2/3 G took GK to a Show Jump training day held by South Side Jump Club. They did three rounds, one round of 60cms and two of 75cms. The 65cm round went well. G was really confident after a jump lesson with M the previous Monday while I had a lesson with D at his place. She was a bit hesitant in the first 75cm round but the second one she was relaxed and really enjoyed herself.

Strike a pose


GK & G 65cms

GK & G 75cms Round 2

Not too much else is happening. Bo will be getting trimmed and clipped up the week of Capel and we will be leaving Friday lunch time so we can get a good spot to camp on the grounds as Capel is always super busy due to it being the first event of the season and also it being a qualifier for the Pony Club WA Interschool Championships.

I also read some sad news this morning. Silva Martin, wife of Boyd Martin was hospitalised after the horse she was riding tripped which resulted in her having a nasty fall. Luckily she was wearing a helmet and Boyd has said the doctors looking after Silva are optimistic that although there is bleeding and swelling on the brain, she may just have a severe concussion.Β I first heard of Silva when I saw a YouTube video of Silva riding a horse called Sea Lord a Grand Prix level Thoroughbred…. Yep you read right, a Thoroughbred. I read an article on (here is a link to the article, the video of the test mentioned is embedded in the article –Β I was in awe, I though both Silva and Sea Lord were fantastic. I wish Silva a speedy recovery and I hope to see her back on her feet soon.

If falls like this can happen to the pros, it really hammers home the importance of wearing a helmet. If you have not already, please check out the Riders4Helmets web page. They are doing a great job by helping to spread the word about the importance of helmets.Β

Take care.

C xx


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