Sigh – Another Letter.

Well on the bright side…. All the work in the off season has paid off.

On the way down to Capel

1 2

The view from the coffee truck


Our camp set up

4 5

Bo pulled his best ever dressage score (59.5%) 60.8 penalties with mostly 6’s with 7’s for his canter. I got us a pair of 5’s for inaccuracy in the trot circles, but over all the comments were positive and just said for a little more forwards from Bo and to watch my accuracy to get better marks. πŸ™‚ Very promising!!

Bo and I playing dressage divas

DSCF3005 DSCF3008 DSCF3010 DSCF3013

Show Jumping – Let’s forget that shall we? Bo warmed up well and everything was going well. Then we got in to the ring. He jumped well until jump 4. That is when he decided he did not want to play ball. He refused twice and got a decent wallop on the backside which convinced him over it (it was the lease scary jump on the course… no fill, inviting and looked like the stuff he jumps at home) and then he put in a stop on jump 5 and that ended my hopes for a number result this weekend. I was a bit upset as stopping is out of character for him but there didn’t seem to be any reason for it. M was watching and said she couldn’t see any reason for him to stop either. Oh well back to the drawing board. Bo will be doing a lot of jumping before Moora in May.


DSCF3014 DSCF3016 DSCF3017 DSCF3018 DSCF3020

Finished for the day

DSCF3022 DSCF3024

M and Joe didn’t fair all that well in Dressage. They went down the center line, M halted, saluted……….. and Joe reared. The rest of the test had good bits, but Joe was really tense the whole time. He broke gait a few times. It wasn’t all that pretty.

Olympian Sonja Johnson on her beautiful horseΒ Belfast Mojito.


Relaxing before dinner time

9 11 12

Bo and I got permission to run Cross Country from the TD (Bo wasn’t getting out of it that easy, especially as there didn’t seem to be any reason for stopping on SJ) before having dinner at the Pony Club and heading to bed. About 45 mins later all hell broke loose. A clip had come off the awning of a neighbors truck and was flapping around, setting off all the horses around it. I woke up to thundering hooves and a friend P yelling across the yards at me that there was a loose horse, luckily it was only Bo kicking off in the float yard though. As soon as we got the awning sorted, the horses settled down. I checked Bo over to see if he had hurt himself… Luckily he was ok and we all went back to bed.

M and Joe had XC first thing. Joe went well. They only got a few time penalties. Next up was SJ. Joe was a bit of a tool and got 3 rails, M rode well it just didn’t come together unfortunately.

Joe, finished for the day

DSCF3027 DSCF3032 DSCF3033

Midday snacks

DSCF3026 DSCF3035

Bo had XC mid afternoon. Warm up was, ummm, let’s just say it was interesting. There was rearing, pig rooting and crow hopping which resulted in M leading him into the start box as the starter was counting us down and letting go when it was time to go.

Before XC

DSCF3042 DSCF3044 DSCF3041

Once on course, Bo settled down and was really good. He jumped everything he was pointed at. All was awesome until the water which was a compulsory passage. There were a couple of horses stuck there and instead of backing off and allowing Bo and I a clean run at it, they moved as Bo was approaching and crowded up his backside to get a lead from him. Bo is really not a huge fan of other horses up his backside and he refused and ran out. I represented, they crowded him again so I yelled out, “can you back off?!?” The next time I gave him a smack on the shoulder to block his shoulder from running out, kicked him hard and he went in the water. I gave him a big pat and told him he was a good boy as the spectators at the water gave us a big cheer then off we went. We completed XC!! Finally! We had time, but we completed XC. It was pretty much what happened to GK and I at his first ever event – good dressage, eliminated SJ, completed XC with a little trouble at the water. I can work with that. πŸ™‚

The water jump/compulsory passage


Bo and I on course

DSCF3055 DSCF3056 DSCF3057

Through the water… just to prove it happened πŸ™‚

DSCF3061 DSCF3062

After that we packed up and headed home as neither M nor I placed and we had a 2 1/2 hour drive home ahead of us. GK was so happy to have Bo home that he stood at the fence and licked him for a good 5 minutes. Bless. I can’t wait to get him out again. Maybe Moora too? I know I said never again, but meh. πŸ™‚

Loaded up ready to go home


Take care.



2 responses to “Sigh – Another Letter.

    • It was good. Lots of positives πŸ™‚ I have also had a bit of a think as to how I can manage a few of Bo’s quirks. Lot’s of stuff to work on before Moora πŸ™‚

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