The Grey Terror Rides Again…

Awesome weekend!! Really great. It started off with a relaxing ride on Bo. I was feeling a bit lazy, so we attempted a bareback schooling session which was pretty good, considering neither of us are all that used to bareback sit trot… Β πŸ™‚ Bareback on Bo… πŸ™‚ Then I followed it up with a quick ride on Monarch who is coming off spell following an injury back in June 2013. This beautiful boy has not been ridden at all in that time and he did not put a foot wrong. Such a good boy. Mon πŸ™‚ 11 Quick ride on Mon… Just to prove how good he was! GK has also been a legend. I took him down to Harvey yesterday for a Cross Country training day organised by South West Horse Trials. GK has not been on a XC course since his fall at Fairbridge so I thought I would take him down and pop him over some EvA65 jumps just to build his confidence. Well after the first few jumps, that plan went out the window. We ended up focusing on the EvA80 jumps and lines. I don’t think I have ever seen GK enjoy himself so much. He had a little bit of a sassy bounce in his step and took everything in his stride. Water, apexes, steps, combos, drops… nothing worried him. Things are looking good for Moora in May. GK in action….. EvA65 – Too easy mum! 2 Β  Up the Bank 3 Β  Out the water 8 In the water 10 Β  Log drop 9 Β  Β  So proud of my little super star! Β  Hope everyone else had a good weekend. Β  Take Care Cxx


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