W.A.Y.E.R, Autumn Dressage Festival and Everything in Between.

W.A.Y.E.R CIC is an event run by West Australian Young Event Riders Inc. This year it was held at the State Equestrian Center from 4-6th April and we all got the see the new 3* XC course for the first time… Which was pretty cool I have to admit.

I wasn’t riding as the lowest height was EvA95, but M was taking Joe, so Ruby and I tagged along to help. Joe did a cracker of a dressage test and was sitting joint 3rd in the Junior EvA105 on a score of 51.6. Show Jumping was a bit ordinary for Joe and M, with 3 rails down which moved them down to 7th place. We got to take our time walking the course and did a bit of investigating all the changes that were made to the course. Ruby had a great time jumping the jumps, even attempting a few of the solid 3* jumps. She was a very tired little puppy after that and fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home.


I stayed at S’s place as I had Ruby with me and Ruby loves S’s dog, Tyson. It was lucky for Ruby, as the next day S’s mum was hosting a massage workshop and they needed a pair of dogs to practice on, so Ty and Ruby got to spend all day Sunday getting patted, rubbed and massaged – lucky for some right?? 🙂

Ruby Lou at W.A.Y.E.R


M had XC at 8.51 Sunday morning and he went like a bat out of hell. There was a combination on course that was a roll top on a little mound then 4 normal strides down the mound to a skinny brush… Joe managed it in 3 strides. They were huge but it did not look forced, it actually looked pretty controlled. M and Joe flew through the water which had caught out a few riders before them and came home double clear. M and Joe finished the weekend in 5th place. M’s 3 year old came for a drive and got to chill out at his first event. He was really relaxed and calm, even though it was XC day.

The XC course


The mighty, mighty Joseph! Tackling the water jump with ease. (photo credit Redfoto)


Sonja Johnson over one of the new 3* jumps (photo credit Redfoto)



Joe trying to photo bomb my pic of M and Champ… Fail Joe, Fail 🙂


During the week, G has been down to ride GK and as a pair they are going well. GK has a few sneaky evasions (falling out at the shoulder, acting like a llama and occasionally locking his neck) but overall, G has done a great job with him. I am looking forward to seeing them at Interschools on 25-27th April. Not long now!

G and GK


Tuesday night M, R, D and I went to Horseland Maddington for their VIP night and fashion show. It was so much fun. Lots of laughs, a bit of shopping and some incredibly patient and well behaved 4 legged models.

4 5

Bo has been going awesomely. He is working better than ever and is more consistent in the contact. I cannot wait to see how he goes over the next few months. His next ridden outing will probably be Brigadoon I at the end of May, however I am planning on taking him up to Moora which is mid May with GK. The pair of them are so clingy, that I want to let them get used to the idea that it is not the end of the world when one of them is taken from the other. Fingers crossed hey?

Cooling down Bo-donk


S’s quick ride on Bo-donk… Naughty, Naughty – no helmet

I have also started bringing M’s other boy Mon into work. He has been out of work since Harvey I in June last year due to injury. Our first ride consisted of me hopping on and walking him on the buckle for 5 mins. We are now up to 10 mins, with contact and a little bit of trotting added in. He has lost a lot of topline and genreal muscle tone, but he is such a sweet willing boy that hopefully he will be back to his old self in no time.


6 8

This weekend just gone, was the Autumn Dressage Festival, again I wasn’t riding. I was helping M with her new ride, Chevy. He was brilliant and for M’s first outing with him, they both did well and have had valuable experience. It will be great to see Chevy at his next event which will be Wooroloo I CNC with Joe and M’s other new ride, the lovely Smartie. 🙂

This coming weekend will be busy. Smartie is getting clipped, GK is heading to his first ever breed show to be measured for Interschools and to be a travel buddy for E’s 17 month old Warmblood gelding Tommy, who’s first ever outing it will be. Bring on the long weekend!! 🙂

Casual selfie with GK…


Take Care


C xx




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