Quick Easter Update…

Not too much happened over the last few days, I needed some quiet time for once. 🙂


The horses had some quiet time, with only GK going out. He went to Riverside Easter Breed Show to be officially measured… Turns out he’s 14.2, which is great as it means we can do pony dressage! E’s 17 month old Tommy came and had his first ever show experience. GK and Tommy were bff’s and chilled out by the float sharing Tommy’s breakfast. 2 3


I went to the Horses Inside Out Evening at Brigadoon on Saturday night and had a brilliant time. If anyone gets the chance to go, it is worth it. http://www.horsesinsideout.com/ Her books are pretty awesome looking too. I bought How Your Horse Moves and I can’t wait to get it (they sold out, so mine is getting posted to me).


Bo relaxed by leaning on S…


And G had a few lessons on GK with S. Interschools is this weekend and it should be a good weekend. Hopefully the draw gets posted soon as the waiting is driving me crazy!


Hope you all had a happy and safe Easter.


Take Care




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