D-Day… Whoops, I Mean Interschools

To summarise, it was a bit chaotic and unorganised – I am talking about the event itself… But G and GK did well for their first time at an actual show together.


The Preliminary draw went up two days before competition started and gave us heaps of time between classes on the Saturday, but Sunday was insane with 20 mins between the Novice Dressage test and the 65cm Show Jumping, which basically meant that G did not actually get time to walk her Show Jump course, she had to learn it by watching from the side of the arena. There was no final draw posted anywhere and there were about 3 different versions of it, so the times were all wrong for the weekend. It was just shambles. Also because GK hadn’t been out for so long, he was on edge and forgot his manners (bucking, striking, trying to take off on both G and I)… so he was lead in a nose chain for the weekend.


GK and I went up to the SEC on Thursday 24th April at lunchtime because everyone said parking was chaos and it was insanely busy. We got a good spot and I set up camp before waiting for G and her mum to arrive.

How I set up camp… – Wine, Cheese and Chocolate šŸ™‚


Once G arrived, we tacked up GK for G to take him for a walk. He was a bit excited and had a little bit of a bounce in his step. Normally, walking him around settles him… Not this time. He was stressing and fence walking, so we ended up popping him in a stable near a friends horse which seemed to calm him down. He certainly appeared well rested when I went to get him at 6 the next morning.

Thursday arvo walkies

21 20

T and S arrived for hair and make up… something which GK is familiar with but he was such a fidget that it took poor T ages to plait him. GK was in hair and make up for about 3 hours while we plaitted, scrubbed him and applied make up to him. I have to say, the end result was pretty awesome looking though. GK wasn’t happy though as normally I can have him plaitted and ready to go in about 35-45 mins and he doesn’t get chalk rubbed on his legs and face. The whole concept of make up was new to him. haha

The amazing S and T – so thorough, they even thought of bandaging GK’s hocks to keep the black chalk out of his tail.



What’s this stuff on my face mum?? Not sure I like it.


I get carrots later?? Ok, I will be pretty…


Working hunter was ok. Neither GK not G has ever done it before so they literally just winged it. The best part by far was the jumping though. He was a little bit of a brat during the ridden workout and G wasn’t 100% sure what to do in the in-hand part.

Working hunter pics

18 24 26

The Prelim Dressage test was lovely though. He needed to be a little more forward and pushed into the bridle but they ended up with a respectable 62.609% which is pretty good for their first test together. GK did absolutely everything G asked of him and G came out of the test with a big grin on her face and was so proud of him that she was crying… I may have started tearing up too… maybe. šŸ˜‰

My little heart pony… Showin off his Dressage Skillz


Show Jumping on Sunday was good. It was AM7, so if you jump clear you go straight into a jump off. G was freaking out about the spreads a little bit in the 75cm and after a brilliant round rode the second last fence (a spread) fantastically, then took her leg off and stopped riding to the last fence (an upright) which caused GK to get in deep and he knocked the top rail which unfortunately meant they weren’t through to the jump off.

Look mum!! It has my name on it!



Flying over spreads in the 75cm!




The next class was the Novice 2.3 test… GK is learning most of the introduced elements, but is not yet established. His leg yield is ok, he sort of has a lengthen trot, he can do 10m circles and is actually pretty good at counter canter and simple lead changes. Their test was never going to be amazing and G was a bit nervous and she was putting herself under a lot of pressure. I thought she did a great job to get GK through the test and managed a 55.603% which, all things considered was not that bad.

Last up was the 65cm Show Jumping. G was a bit stressed that she couldn’t walk the course and GK decided to be a bit of a tool. He did his “run out to the left and lock his neck” trick and instead of wasting a bit of time and making him turn right, G pulled him left – crossing her tracks in the process, which resulted in them getting eliminated. A little disappointing for her, but a good learning experience.

Relaxing before the 65cm


All up it was a fun weekend. GK got a new halter and a new half numnah from the trade stands… S and T were amazing, with their prepping skills standing the test of time. GK’s make up still looked good on Sunday afternoon and his tail got T praise all weekend. So many people came up and wanted to double check that there was no falsie in his tail. The joys of having a part Andalusian… haha.

Dat ass…


Hope you are all well.


Take Care




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