Two Posts – One Day. Wooroloo 1 CNC

Catching up with my blog… šŸ™‚


This weekend I went up to Wooroloo Prison Farm for Wooroloo 1 CNC as M had 3 horses going. Chevy in the EvA80, Smartie in EvA95 and JoeJoe in the EvA105. I was so busy running back and forward trying to make sure the horses were ready, watching them in their classes and then getting back to help untack… It feels like I lost 10kgs (that would be great, wouldn’t it?!?)


Dressage was good with Chevy being the first (and second) cab off the rank. He was and absolute gentleman and did a solid dressage test to be in 11th place on a 47.31 penalty. He also flew through the Show Jump course without touching anything to move up into 10th place.

The dressage arenas



Chevy Jumping – Photo credit to Rebecca Flavel

Warm up šŸ™‚

2 3


Not warm up šŸ™‚


Next was Smartie. He did a good test, there were some things he needed to improve on but the comments were generally positive. He received 65.40 penalties and was in last place after dressage.



Joe was a little star. He was 10th after dressage on a 55.20 and M was really happy with how he went and we headed out to walk the XC courses. One thing you may notice about Wooroloo… It’s hilly. They aren’t big like Harvey, but the way the course is laid out you end up walking up and down it a few times. It makes for interesting questions on the course, but it also makes you wish you were allowed to walk it with a quad bike…

Joe in warm up – look at all the dust!


Walking XC courses


We had an early start on Sunday with Smartie on Show Jumping at 8am. He had 2 rails down (got in too deep on one and had a lazy back leg on the other) but he worked well and he looked good.

Joe was on XC next at 9am, so we had a mad scramble back to get Joe ready in time. M and Joe looked the best I have ever seen them out on XC this weekend. Joe was a little super star. He came home double clear and looked bloody awesome doing it. M was really delighted with him too.

He had about an hours rest before Show Jumping and his good form continued. He flew over the jumps and was never even close to touching anything. After the round, M let out an excited whoop just as M’s nan, pop, E, E’s friend, D and I let out a massive cheer. Joe has never finished on his dressage score before and M was super happy coming in 5th with him.

Smartie was next out on XC and he went like a bat out of hell and jumped like a grasshopper. A few EvA95 horses had trouble with the water… Not Smartie, he plowed through it and made it look easy. He came home double clear as well and moved up to 10th place out of a class of 21.

Next was Chevy. Chevy had a great morning, relaxing and eating hay. He was on XC at 15.12 and there was quite a crowd gathering at the water to watch the little Buckskin stallion in his first Event in 4 years. So much so that the commentator even said something along the lines of, ‘and M has pretty much half the crowd here at the water riding this pony with her.’ As we all cheered them on as they came through, Chevy did not disappoint. He flew round the course… was not too keen on getting his feet wet at the water and treated us all to an amazingly expressive trot when M got him in. He stormed home, 9 seconds too fast and finished in a very respectable 11th place out of 32 competitors.

Chevy, making XC look easy – Photo Credit to Kate Barton and Rebecca Flavel

5 4

It was a pretty great weekend and I am absolutely exhausted, especially as I injured my back at Interschools and have been out of action and on Valium and Tramadol for the week leading up to this event (hence my lack of a post last week… sorry!).

GK has had a well deserved week off and will be back in work tomorrow. Bo and Mon have also had an unintentional week off but are back in work as of tonight.

GK is off to Moora on 17th & 18th May for his first event of the season and I can’t wait to get him out there again. We are going to have a blast.

Take Care



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