HUGE Weekend, but really quiet too.

A few things have happened this week.


GK got another haircut – don’t ask… He looks horrible due to my clippers dying halfway through. Just in time for Moora! Yay (insert sarcasm). Hopefully his coat grows a little in the next week…. Fingers crossed. Not gonna think about that at the moment… 😦

I got rid of my Subaru Forester and traded it in for a 2007 Holden Rodeo… Or those in the UK might know it as an Isuzu Rodeo. It’s a 4 door, 3.0L Turbo Diesel and I love it. It fits a 5x4ft roll of hay in the tray so now instead of doing two trips out for hay, I only need to do one (one in the float/trailer and the other in the tray)!! Yay! The electric brake unit from the Forester is being installed in the Rodeo this week, just in time for the trip up to Moora for GK’s 2014 season opener. M will be staying home and doing a dressage show with Joe, Smartie and Chevy as she didn’t want to do the 2 1/2 hour trip north.

New Wheels!!


I gave S her first float towing lesson while on the way out to get hay for Bo and GK on Sunday morning. She did really well and as you can see from Tyson’s relaxed expression… She is more worried than he was.

S’s first time towing.


I also stayed up and watched the FEI TV Live coverage from Badminton! Holy Moly! It was carnage galore. I am so glad everyone walked away fine as there were some nasty looking falls. Leonidas II took Toddy for a bit of a swim, Mary King has us all gasping for breath with her sticking skills.

Horse & Country has a pretty good article about it, head over and check it out.


The coverage from FEI TV was really good. The commentators were great and my only complaint is that some of the camera shots were a little shaky… but considering the wind that the camera man was dealing with, well done! S joined me on Sat night to watch the XC. It started at 7pm our time and kept me and P on the edge of our seats even though we were both exhausted. We were keeping each other awake via Facebook messages, coffee and redbull as she lives about an hour away from my house but was watching on FEI TV too. S fell asleep by about 8.30pm…

Muddie (L) and Indi (R) settling in for XC



S out cold 🙂


D and P (via Facebook) joined me to watch the top 20 show jump which started at 9.45pm our time. We killed time while waiting for the coverage to start by watching some of Eurovision. So deliciously trashy. 🙂 Very entertaining! Once the coverage started I plugged the HDMI cable into the telly and settled in. My poor cat Indiana went flying off my lap a few times as I jumped about with excitement as Sam Griffiths moved higher and higher up the leader board. Ruby decided that the other couch was a safer bet and curled up to watch away from my flying arms. P, D and I were hoping for an Aussie 1 & 2 with Sam and Tappers, but unfortunately a few too many rails meant that Oliver Townend and Harry Meade moved into 2nd and 3rd places with Tappers settling for 4th. It was such an awesome event. The course designer did fantastically, the riders did well in difficult conditions and I now have no fingernails left due to the literally nail biting finish. Wow!!

Eurovision to kill time… Ruby’s not too keen.



Waiting waiting!!


Mum, you crazy. I’m sitting over here.


Moora times are now up. GK and I have dressage at 8.54am on Sat, SJ at 11.48am on Sat and XC at 14.04pm on Sunday. I am wanting a completion… Hoping for top 10, but no pressure. GK and I are just going to have a run at EvA65 to blow the cobwebs out before moving up to EvA80 again.


Wish us luck 🙂


Take care




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