Moora… In the Mist

The trip to Moora started off later than expected. I had planned to leave home at 10.30am to pick up A who was my helper for the weekend and then head out to pack the last few things (and GK) before heading off on the 3 hour trip up north to Moora.


Installing the electric brake unit on the beast took a little longer than first thought, so I ended up an hour behind schedule and left home at 11.30. Luckily I managed to get things done (and GK clean) a lot quicker than I anticipated, so I caught up a heap of time and we headed off back on time at 1.30pm.

The trip up was thankfully uneventful, GK travelled well. We parked, started to unpack stuff and I hopped on GK to take him for a bit of a walk before heading back to finish the unpacking and to have dinner. A and I were super tired, so we crawled into our swags and were in bed and almost asleep by the time my cousin MO arrived at 8.30pm. He set up his swag and we all settled in for the night. All of us were well and truely asleep by the time MO’s girlfriend T arrived at around midnight.

Next morning was super eerie. There was mist everywhere, the outsides of our swags were drenched and you could barely see 40m in front of you. I had dressage at 8.54am, so after breakfast GK got plaitted and saddled up, ready for warm up. It was insane. There were horses everywhere emerging from the mist then disappearing back into it. GK warmed up well but he was a bit unnerved due to the fact he could hear a lot of horses but could barely see anything. He did an alright test for GK, the mist didn’t help his tension levels but we were sitting in 10th place after dressage.

Luckily for Show Jumping, the mist cleared and the day became lovely and clear. GK and I had a few communication problems in SJ though. I had him in a new bit… one I wasn’t super used to, which didn’t help the matter but also I was riding GK how I would ride Bo in SJ. Equal amounts of leg which is not good on GK who needs a little more left leg as one of his favourite tricks is to duck out to the left. And that is exactly what he did. One refusal and 9 time penalties because I took my time getting him back around to continue the course resulted in 13 penalties and dropped us to equal 20th. I was a bit disappointed but I have only really had GK back for 2 weeks… well 3 but I had a week off due to my back, and I have gotten so used to Bo that I need to do a bit of work with GK to remember his quirks. My friends E and J arrived just in time to see GK and I jump and joined us walking the course once GK had been untacked and hosed off.

Show Jumping

The course itself is pretty easy and doesn’t really ask too many questions. Out of the 18 jumps… 15 are logs. It was always going to be a nice, confidence boost for the pair of us before going up to EvA80 at Brigadoon in 2 weeks.

Once the course was walked E, J, MO, T, A and I went back to camp, lit a fire, drank some wine and caught up with some friends who came over to join us. A and I slept in our swags in the back of the beast as all the mist the night before had caused condensation which dripped all night on the canvas and was a bit annoying.



We once again woke up to mist, which caused the XC to be delayed by an hour. It was nice to have a bit of a sleep in, although GK saw me move in my swag and proceeded to re-model his float yards so he could come and see why I wasn’t feeding him. (1. it was 6am 2. it was still dark and 3. it was 6am… he is normally fed at 7am)

The view from my bed…


We had pancakes, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast washed down by huge amounts of coffee while we waited for the fog to start to lift so the XC could get under way. A, MO, T and I headed out to watch at the water jump for a bit before heading over to the drop to watch for a bit. It was misty until about 10.30am, then all of a sudden it lifted and was amazingly sunny for the rest of the day.

The water complex





More 2* XC

GK and I had XC at almost 3pm. He warmed up really well, was really relaxed and I will admit it… I loved not having to hang on for dear life!! I have a new Sony Action Cam which I took XC so now for the first time you get to see me on XC. πŸ™‚ Sorry that you have a commentary from me the whole way around. I like to talk to both boys XC. πŸ™‚ GK was awesome on course. He cruised around double clear and I was super proud of him. GK certainly felt like he had heaps left in the tank and could have gone round that same course again at the same speed (or knowing him, faster) which was good to know, as I haven’t had the time to do too much fitness work with him which takes a load off my mind going in to Brigadoon.


Our double clear bumped us up into 14th place. It is so nice to have a number on the scoreboard rather than a letter!

The trip back home was uneventful and Bo was really happy to see the pair of us. Because he had already had dinner, I gave him a few carrots and a cuddle when feeding GK.

Bo is getting a bit of a pot belly, so he is being worked a bit harder now… He isn’t a huge fan, but it is nothing he isn’t capable of doing. He is getting clipped on Sat morning, I have a lesson with C on him at 11am… lucky for me he is fine to ride straight away. GK is getting dressed up as a unicorn for my god-daughter’s birthday present. She has too many things so her mum asked for people to do activities with her rather than buy her a gift (or if people really wanted to buy her gifts, they could put money towards her dance lessons or in her bank account so she can buy a car or pay for Uni when she is older). So… Back to dressing GK up, for her birthday my god-daughter is getting a pony ride on a unicorn – complete with ribbons and glitter. GK will be so happy… πŸ˜‰ Actually, I doubt he will mind. He loves kids.

Until then, take care.

C xx



3 responses to “Moora… In the Mist

  1. omg that looks like an absolute blast!! and I love your camp haha. America is such a pain in the rear that if we try to camp out by our stalls they charge us for it… -__- (though people sneak it sometimes by just sleeping in their trailer). But seriously, if you’re not hooked up to the electricity you shouldn’t be charged.

    • It was pretty good fun. All our events have free camping. We don’t have stables set up for most our events so we camp in our trailers as well as tents or trucks (if you are lucky enough to have one). All the grounds except for the State Equestrian Center are unpowered… but even then it is free. In saying that though, the SEC is the home of Equestrian WA and a chunk of our EWA membership fees go towards maintaining the grounds and facilities. πŸ™‚

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