The Calm Before The Storm

Nice and relaxing weekend… Just what I need before the madness that will be Brigadoon.

We have a new girl… Her name is Moody, she came off the track on Thursday and was in the paddock next to GK on Friday afternoon. She has taken a shine to GK, he is still in love with Bo though.

Moody- Free ranging with the cool kids


Bo got clipped on Sat morning and the resulting trench that GK dug while fence walking had to be filled in by D and I the next day. πŸ˜› Bloody horses.

Bo mid clip… 😦


Of course the weather on Saturday was freaking horrible. It bucketed down while Bo was being clipped, luckily we had an under cover are to use… and even luckier was that when I got out to the horses in the morning, Bo was only slightly damp on his belly from where the belly straps on his rug sat. I promised L (the lady who branded GK… also clipper extraordinaire) that Bo would be dry by the time she got there – even if I had to break out my hair dryer to blow dry him. So Bo’s belly got a quick once over with the hair dryer and Bo almost fell asleep (love that horse!!) while we waited for L to arrive. L was so happy to have a clean and dry horse to work with for once…

*NOTE – If you are paying to have your horse clipped, please make sure they are clean and dry. You will get a better job done, they blades will stay sharper and the person clipping won’t be silently cursing you… :)*

I had a lesson with C down the road on Bo that afternoon. Of course mid lesson the heavens opened up. Poor Bo! Lucky he was pretty warm by that stage, but he still wasn’t overly happy with being out in the rain freshly clipped. No acrobatics Β though which was good, all he tried to do was head to the tree line for shelter and he tried to face his bum to the wind and rain. It was kind of cute and pathetic at the same time… On the bright side, C was super happy with all the work Bo-donk and I have done on Bo’s trot…. Now to improve the canter.

Sunday morning GK got tasked with a very special mission – to behave like a gentleman while my 4yr old god daughter had a pony ride for her birthday. Unfortunately I had no luck finding GK’s unicorn horn, so he got stuck with glitter hairspray in his tail. πŸ™‚ As expected, GK was an absolute legend. He let the birthday girl and her 2 yr old sister pat him, feed him carrots and licorice, poke him, get his whiskers all sticky and generally shower him with attention.

Bday pony ride


The birthday girl also had a ride on Mon, the gentle giant… as did her Dad and Mum. Mum has since messaged and told me that her legs are a bit sore… I laughed and told her to be thankful that she wasn’t on Bo. His nickname isn’t thigh master for nothing. πŸ˜‰

D – my amazing helper and I successfully filled in GK’s trench, and went shopping where we had a sausage sizzle which was helping raise money for the Bedfordale Volunteer Fire Brigade… These are the guys who were part of the effort to save all those properties that were under threat earlier this year. D bought a raffle ticket and got to sit in the fire truck to have a photo taken. I rode Bo and then we fed up and went home. I think my fluffy cat Muddie pretty much sums up the feeling in the house on a wet Sunday night.

Fire Truck!!




Next weekend is going to be hectic… Bo, GK, Chevy, Smartie and Joe are all heading to the State Equestrian Center for Brigadoon CNC. We are hiring stables for them all so we don’t have to worry about setting up yards and such… also we won’t get wet if it rains, well until we head out to ride.

Until then, take care.


C xx


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