The Dynamic Duo…

My goals for the weekend were…

1. For Bo to complete an event… As in with an actual number score, not a letter.

2. For GK to complete his first EvA80… Without flipping over a jump.

So excited that it actually freaking happened!!!!!!!!



Bo’s dressage had some really good parts… The start was a little average because he was too busy listening to GK back at the stables rather than focusing on me. Aside from that, I was pretty happy. He got a 62.3% (56.6) for it and even had a couple of 7’s!

Ruby and Franki get growled at a bit at the start for trying to run around the warm up area while D and E were filming but… Here is Bo’s dressage test.

18 19

Show Jumping was good too. He was in front of my leg, jumped everything and the only reason he got one rail was because I looked at the jump (naughty me). By the end of Saturday, we were in 9th place.

Bo’s SJ round – videoed by D 🙂

Bo all finished for the day


Next came GK. I had him so chilled out that he lost all his forward and impulsion! 😦 Normally it’s a fight to keep him in trot and not canter, this time it was almost a fight trying to keep him in trot and not walk. We will need to work on that. Note to self… next time spurs might be necessary. He scored a 59.6% (60.6) and there are some things we can work on (accuracy… impulsion).

16 17

GK Show Jumped well. We had one rail – the same one as Bo (I looked at it again) and by the end of Saturday we were in 17th place.

GK all dressed up ready for dressage – It’s had being this good looking.


D, Ruby and I went off to walk the XC course. GK’s was first and thanks the Cross Country App ( I was able to pretty easily remember each course. There was nothing there that was going to worry GK. I was a little apprehensive about jump 4 which was a table, but only because it seemed quite large on foot. I knew all I had to do for GK to clear it would be to ride positively and keep my leg on. The only other thing I was worried might potentially cause a problem was a black alpaca who lives in the paddock right next to jump 6… The jump itself was fine, but GK is not a fan of alpacas. I was hoping that a) the alpaca was nowhere near the jump on Sunday or b) GK was so focused on XC that he wouldn’t notice it. I was a little worried about jump 11 for Bo, as it was quite a decent question for an EvA65 class and I wasn’t sure how Bo would take it.

Bo’s jump 11



GK’s Jump 4


The Alpaca Jump


Ruby helping with the course walk

6 7 8


All done for the night… L to R – Bo, Joe, GK, Smartie


Bo was off on XC first. The grass was a little slippery and as Bo is quite clumsy I decided not to try for time. My goal was a completion, not a placing and I stuck with that plan. Bo was reasonably well behaved in the warm up with minimal rearing and no need for a handler. I remembered the course correctly this time (unlike the last Brigadoon I rode Bo at ) and it does seem like the water jump is no longer a huge problem with Bo only taking a little look at it before going in. We had one run out at jump 11 (my fault, I felt him drift but didn’t correct it in time) and completed the course about a minute too slow… but still… we completed!! I was so proud on the big orange man. D also said that the funniest thing she has ever heard was the commentator trying to pronounce Bo’s show/race name, Omdurman. It’s Om-door-man… The poor lady got out Omda and gave up. 🙂 Maybe I should add that to the commentary notes that I submit with my entry?

Bo all done for the weekend and enjoying a pear


I didn’t have much time between Bo and GK’s XC so I headed off and switched horses. GK was pumped and ready to go. He was jig jogging into the start box and he never normally does that. When the starter counted us down, he stopped and was like, “Mum, we got this.” He flew around the course like a bat out of hell. The picnic table caused no problems and neither did the alpaca. It’s quite cute, in the video as we come up to the ski ramp, you can see the alpaca, his cow friend and the jump judge, all sitting off to the left watching the horses. 🙂 I could have got him going a bit faster after the water jump but other than that it was a super round and we came across the line only 3 seconds over time.

GK racing off towards the second last jump… me struggling to slow him down a touch


Bo finished off the event in 17th place which I was delighted with. GK finished off in 11th – pony is a XC machine.

A very tired Ruby Lou

9 10

Next up for the boys is Harvey. So we have one weekend off and then we are on again.

No rest for the wicked… 😉


Take Care



2 responses to “The Dynamic Duo…

    • Thanks. It was good fun. I can’t believe how well GK went XC. I was hoping for no jumping penalties, but to only be 3 seconds over time was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for Harvey!

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