“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”

Have a look at this great article from e-Venting. I am super thankful for team of professionals that help me keep the boys going.  http://e-venting.co.uk/2014/06/teamwork-makes-the-dream-work/

My Farriers are worth their weight in gold. They are ALWAYS on time, never stand me up and are always available to tack on a shoe if needed (ahem… Bo). I am super grateful to them – I even got a congrats from one at Brigadoon after both boys completed. He knew how excited I was. 🙂

My wonderful, wonderful Vet (who is also an eventer), is approachable, super knowledgeable and never makes me feel silly for asking questions.

My body worker (aka yours truly)… haha. I have super spoilt horses who get some form of body work every 1-2 weeks. I like being able to treat my own horses, as I find I understand them a lot better. I am not sure if that makes sense? But seeing and feeling where their bodies hurt make it a bit easier to understand where ridden problems are coming from. I also have a list of good body workers I can go to for help if I come across something I am unsure of.

My Instructors D and C who have helped my through ups and downs. Not sugar coated things and helped me fix horrible position.. Thank you!!

My Dentist, Kirsten Jackson. This lady is fantastic. She shows you what is going on in your horses mouth, lets you get right in and have a look and explains what she is doing and how it will affect your horse. She is kind, patient and I wish there were more of her. 🙂 Any West Aussies looking for a good dentist, please feel free to check out her website. http://www.dentalvet.com.au/index.html and/or her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dentalvet

My Saddle Fitter, Lou Collins of Saddle Fit Australia. Highly regarded by the West Australian horse community, I will never use any one else. She is an ASFA (Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia) licensed and qualified Master saddle fitter who fits for some members of the Australian Olympic Team and has been invited to lecture in Europe, South Africa and the UK as well as all over Australia. http://www.saddlefitaustralia.com.au/about-us/

Last but not least, my personal team of M, D and S who are always there to lend a hand, answer a question and slap me around a bit to bring me back down to earth if needed. 🙂

Anyone else feel like sharing their team??

Take Care


C xx




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