Mixed Bag Of Results…

Well Harvey was interesting.

It was FREEZING cold, well maybe not for those that live in places that get snow during winter but for me who has only ever seen snow in the movies, it was cold.


We left for Harvey on Saturday morning and arrived at about 8.00 am. That left plenty of time to set up yards and get stuff sorted before the boys had dressage. GK was supposed to be on about 30 mins before Bo at 10.53am but to make things fair for Bo, I took GK down for about 10.00 and asked if I could ride early which the Marshals said was fine. As the dressage arenas were set up on the cross country course which had GK fired up which made for an interesting test (or so I thought)… Turns out it wasn’t all that bad with GK ending up with 54.8 penalties. That was where his good behaviour ended for the weekend after that, he was a little turd. His Show Jump round was insane. I had control over him for the first jump and after that I was holding on for dear life and attempting to steer. He got one rail (sent it flying is a more accurate description) and I was a bit nervous about XC the next day as a result.

Gk’s Dressage Test


Bo did an alright dressage test considering the arena was on the side of a hill and while he is balanced enough on the flat… Hills are a bit of a challenge for him. I spent half the test trying to get Bo up the hill and the other half trying to keep him from falling on his face. There were a couple of little pigroots in the canter circles (on the downhill parts) and I was surprised we got a score of 62.1 penalties. Bo’s Show Jump round was lovely. He went round clear and within the time allowed. We ended up in 9th place over night.

Bo’s Dressage Test


Bo after Show Jumping


Sunday morning we all woke up to the news from Luhmuhlen and Nunney. My thoughts go out to all affected. I am not going to say any more about it, purely because I don’t know what to say. It was a horrific weekend, so much loss and tragedy.

I didn’t get out to watch much of the XC, I re-walked the courses in the morning and by the time I had finished it was time to start getting GK ready.

GK was a feral little bugger on course. He was using the hills as an excuse to run through my hand, seat, legs, core and every other aid I could through at him. I had a hard time turning him and I was thankful when we came off the course. So for the next few weeks we will be doing a lot of work with GK and maybe changing some of his gear to give me a bit more adjustibility when needed. We finished 15th out of 28 starters.

GK on XC

2 3 1

Bo on the other hand… what a legend! For those who didn’t read about Bo’s previous efforts on the Harvey XC course, here you go – https://eventingdownunder.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/harvey-ii-cnc-revenge-of-the-hill/

However this time, what a difference. He was brave! I was only going for a confidence builder (again see last years efforts) and was not going to attempt going for time and Bo did not fail to deliver. He went through the water and through the ditch, he cantered down the big hill with a bit of trot (and me getting a bit tongue tied) down the little hill. We finished with heaps of time penalties but we were not the only ones, with most of the class deciding to play it safe with the hill being a bit slippery. Bo ended up in 11th place out of  21 starters.

Bo on course


Bo-Cam 🙂


Our next event is Little Brig in 3 weeks. It has classes ranging fron EvA65 up to EvA95 and is run by Future Eventing, a committee made up of young riders and will be held at the State Equestrian Center.


Take Care




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