A Quick Catch Up

This last few weeks has been pretty relaxed. The weather has been pretty nasty and we have been braving it a bit but I will confess that my drive and focus have not been as sharp as it normally is.

The boys have had a relaxing week and a bit, especially GK who had colic last Monday. Luckily I caught it when it was still really mild. I noticed that he wasn’t “right” – he was a lot quieter, not as cheeky, he was not standing normal and his flanks were a bit sunken. I wasn’t happy with how he looked so the Vet was called, GK was given a little bit of pain killer and a teensy, tiny bit of sedation to make the tubing easier… Turns out GK is a really cheap drunk. The Vet only gave him enough sedation to relax him (for a normal horse of his body weight) but GK was glassy eyed and high as a kite. He was tubed really easily and started to perk up not long after. I am happy to say he has made a full recovery and worked pretty well on Saturday.

Saturday we had a really nice sunny day. All the horses got to run around naked.

Bo & GK


Joe enjoying a roll


Cuddles with Joe


S and I took Bailey and Bo down the road to explore a park that we thought might suitable to use for a bit of fitness work in winter. Turns out we have a new fitness area… No dogs, no dirt bikes and no pacers. There are quite a few Kangaroos that live there but neither Bo nor GK really care about Roos. I don’t know if Bay minds them but they were happy laying in the sun and not jumping out of random bushes and scaring the heck out of the horses so we didn’t have any problems. Bo and Bay had heap of fun cantering with each other, Bay threw in a few little high spirited pig roots but otherwise was very well behaved.

This week I will be focusing on getting Bo ready for Little Brig which will be held at the State Equestrian Centre.

Hope you all are well.

Take Care



2 responses to “A Quick Catch Up

    • Yep, I would be lying if I wasn’t a little scared but my friend, S is a vet nurse and ages ago she told me that if you panic, your animals pick up on it and panic themselves so it is always best to keep a lid on your emotions and try to stay calm for their sake. It has stuck with me and in situations like that, it doesn’t matter if the animals are mine or not, I try to not freak out. πŸ™‚ It has served me well so far!

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