Left Leg! Left Leg! Dammit…

Little Brig. What a great event! The Future Eventing Committee (run by a group of young riders) did a great job getting this event off the ground.

Bo and I headed off when it was still dark as I was aiming to get up to the State Equestrian Centre for about 7am in order to get a good spot and to set up camp. SP and BF arrived not long after and we got the Bo and Cadbury settled in while S and I got our back numbers and started to get ready for Dressage.

Leaving Home

Bo did a cracker of a test and would have scored higher if I had not let his neck get too long… but hey, he was relaxed, calm and working nicely. We ended up in 7th place on a 53.9 after dressage which I was quite please with!

Bo Dressage


Bo’s Test sheet
lb dressage

After dressage, S and I helped I set up camp before we walked the XC course. The ground was a little soggy but there was nothing that I thought Bo would struggle with. After that BF lit the fire and started dinner while SP and I went to have a shower up at the Indoor Arena. It was Bliss! We had the whole place to ourselves and lots of hot water to defrost us. 🙂 For the rest of the night, we huddled around the campfire toasting Marshmallows and drinking cider before crawling off to bed.



Cadbury with her “L” plates

The next morning, SP and I had to be up early again to feed Cadbury and Bo before Show Jumping as our class Show Jumped first thing Sunday morning. SP and Cadbury did well, Cadbury jumped clear but was 4 seconds over time. Bo jumped well but got one rail as he disunited around a corner and rather than let Bo fix it himself, I panicked and tried to fix it myself.

We had a bit of a break before Cross Country so SP and I could have breakfast as both of us were to excited to sit still much less eat anything.

Cross Country was great. Bo did well and it was only because I got lazy and didn’t ride him at the fence properly, took my left leg off and he just slipped off my line costing us 20 penalties and about 10 seconds in time penalties. I was more upset at myself than anything really because Bo did try hard. We finished with 8 time penalties and ended up 11th over all. SP and Cadbury had a refusal at jump 5 but even with that, Cadbury went around clear and finished up in 13th place at her first ever event. 🙂 Go little pony!

Bo XC Head Cam

Through the Water

After we were all finished for the day, Bo got to model halters for a local business called Pimp My Pony. He was a good boy and tolerated multiple halter changes, people waving things at him to get him to prick his ears… Turns out all you need is a feed bucket full of girths and halters rattled near him to get him pulling his best “Blue Steel”

Bo in his halter

Bo Halter Modelling


Tuesday morning the farrier came out and the first thing he said was, “Why is Bo’s leg fat?” Sure enough his front right fetlock was swollen and hot. I cold hosed it and put swell down on it as I had to get to work and spent the whole day thinking I broke Bo. I got out to feed up and ride GK that night. I got Bo out of the paddock first and hosed the swell down off to survey the damage… Turns out it was just Greasy Heel. I never thought I would be glad to say my horse has Greasy Heel, but Tuesday night I most definitely was. I scrubbed his socks with Chlorhexadine and popped him back out into the paddock. Yesterday when I checked him, the swelling was gone and there was not heat. Phew! Talk about relief.

Next event is Gidge 2 for Bo on 2nd & 3rd of August then the week after that GK will be heading up to Wooroloo Prison Farm for Wooroloo Internationl 3 Day (or Perth Horse Trials as it is also known) to tackle the hills… Fingers grossed the new bit and noseband give me a little more adjustability, if not I guess I will be holding on and letting GK sort it all out.

Until next time, take care

C xx


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