The Mighty Mighty Bo-Bo

Gidgegannup CNC (also known as Gidge) is one event held over two weekends. Gidge 1 has the EvA95 – 2* classes and Gidge 2 has EvA80 – PCAWA E Grade (45cms).

SP and I took Bo and Cadbury to the event. Dressage was held on Saturday in the main arena of Gidgegannup Showgrounds. It went pretty well with Bo warming up reasonably well. Unfortunately the arena surface at Gidge is notoriously bad. Bo’s arena had deep, soft patches as well as hard bits. Trying to keep his stride even was a challenge, but at least all of the competitors were in the same boat. Bo got a 57.3 in dressage, which was a little disappointing, but the comments all said that he needed to be more even in his stride and a little more forward which isn’t all that bad taking into account the footing we had to work with.

Main Arena


SP did well with Cadbury. She scored a 60.2… again, the ground did her no favours. Especially with Cadbury being so small, she did struggle when the going got deep.

Bo got to model some stuff for Pimp My Pony on Sat afternoon… *I may have bought him a new browband* While waiting for Bo to be dolled up, I found a 5 point breast plate that would fit GK, so I bought that.

Bo’s new Browband

Tired SP taking a nap

After we walked the course, SP and I took Bo and Cadbury to R’s place. R had generously said we could use one of her paddocks to keep the horses in over night and we could stay in the barn which was a hell of a lot warmer than camping at Gidge – for us and for the horses.

Bo got to meet Barry the Clydesdale for the first time. It was very cute. Bo was not too sure about meeting such a large horse. There was a lot of snorting and neck arching before they decided to be friends. Cadbury took a liking to Shiraz, one of R’s riding school ponies and they spent the afternoon squealing and playing with each other over the fence… until R and I decided to turn on the electric fence. The squealing stopped after that and they settled down. Bo and Cadbury decided to share their dinner which was very sweet and really unusual for Bo as he doesn’t normally share dinner with anyone.

Bo meeting Barry… Not too sure about him
OK now we are friends
Sharing Dinner

We had SJ the next morning. Bo got squeezed into GK’s new breasplate. It was a little tight, but we made it work. Bo jumped beautifully going around with no rails down and no time penalties. I was very pleased with him.

Show Jumping

Relaxing after Show Jumping

XC was a bit unorganised on my part. I mounted without my medical armband, back number and watch… Once I was correctly dressed, I headed out for XC warm up with Bo. He was a bit of a prat in warm up. It was right on course and all these horses were galloping past and he was not allowed to follow. Not a happy orange man. We got lead into the start box and then set off for the first jump. It was in the shadows and a lot of horses had gotten into trouble because they hadn’t seen it… (A’s horse Tembea had pretty much climbed over it) so I gave Bo time to look at the jump and talked to him the whole way up to it. We got over it safely but it had cost us time. We were behind at our first minute marker, but Bo was flying over the jumps with ease. We had caught up a bit of time at the second minute marker but were still behind. I took a direct line into the water which was a run in, jump out then turned him up the hill for another direct line to the next jump. Lucky we had been practicing tight turns… The next jump was a drop quickly followed by a chevron then a trakhener, Bo was motoring by this stage. our next jump was a bank then a curving 3 strides to a brush to jump off the bank. A fair while after that jump was our 4th minute marker and we were still behind time. After jump 12 I thought stuff it, 13 is tiny and Bo can do it with a 2 stride run up so I gave him a super tight turn into that jump and as I thought, he didn’t disappoint. He flew over it, popped over the next jump which was a coffin. Once over the coffin, I gave him his head, kicked and let him really open up. Bo pretty much grew wings. We cam over the last jump as our 5th minute was sounding and crossed the finish line with 2 seconds to spare. I was so pumped! Bo had finished on his dressage score! Then I realised that I had my helmet cam recording my warm up and I turned it off as I went in the start box. Ugh! So disappointed. But super happy with the ginger man.

Bo on Course

My scores hadn’t been posted from Show Jumping a in the morning, so I had no clue as to how we were sitting. I thought Bo might be in with a chance for a minor placing… Maybe 5th, 6th or 7th. I looked at the score sheet after waiting what felt like forever and my heart sank.. I saw Eliminated. Then I checked again. And saw 2nd place next to mine and Bo’s name! I checked for a third time and yep, there was 2nd place next to our names. I pretty much bounced over to SP who was waiting with my phone and told her the good news. We waited around for the presentations where Bo and I got a fancy rosette and $110 in prize money.

Score Sheet!

Bo and I

Smile Pretty


Thank you to Bindoon Tractors for sponsoring my class and to RedFoto for taking some wonderful pictures on the weekend.

I had Perth Horse Trials this weekend just gone and I am still catching up on sleep and work, so I will post about GK’s adventures when I can.

Until then,

Take Care

C xx


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