Woo – Woo Wooroloo!

Perth Horse Trials, Wooroloo International 3 Day Event, Wooroloo… Whatever you call it, WA Eventers know what you are on about. It’s the big one, the 3 day and it was a blast!

M and Joe did the CCN EvA105 which was one of the international classes, as well as the EvA80J with the beautiful Chevy. SP and I did EvA80 too with GK and Cadbury, who also got to stay up at R’s place in the same paddock that Cadbury and Bo stayed at for Gidge. 

It was another early start for us as once again SP had dressage a few hours before GK and I. GK did a nice, calm dressage test but as a result of getting him calm he unfortunately lost some of his impulsion. In saying that, it was the softest he has felt in a dressage test for a long while so even though the score (60.65) wasn’t amazing, I was quite happy with him. 

Sat night there was the “Dressage is Done” riders party. We all went – M, S (who had to pull Angel out because of her fall at Peel ODE 2 weeks before),I, R, SP and had a great time. Everyone was in good spirits. The juniors were dancing with the oldies, people were laughing and drinking and the atmosphere was fantastic. I may have drunk slightly too much considering I had SJ on GK the next morning, but I didn’t need to worry. GK was calm (for GK) and jumped like a little grasshopper. We got around clear which I was delighted with as there was only 7 clean SJ rounds in my class. 

Dressage is Done party


GK in action


We had a bit of time to relax between SJ and XC. I spent my time wandering the trade village, watching XC and watching SJ. 

We ALL relaxed after SJ… Even Cadbury


This time I managed to make sure that my helmet cam was set up properly so I got GK’s XC round on video. I knew he wasn’t going to make time. I hadn’t done enough fitness work with him and he hasn’t done any tracks like Wooroloo (multiple hills) before. He got halfway up the hill before the water jump and I felt him really tire out, so I just let him cruise the rest of the course, rather than push him for time. He was calm and jumped everything better than I thought he would, so even though we ended up with a heap of time, it was a really good run after the disastrous one at Harvey. Wooroloo was a brilliant event, well run and I can’t wait for next year. Everyone involved in putting it together did a superb job. Dazza and the team at Redfoto are currently working had, putting together the individual rider videos we were able to pay for. The international classes got their Trot Up, Dressage, XC and SJ filmed. GK and I got everything minus the trot up… because we didn’t have to do one. Hopefully my copy arrives soon! Dazza has released this 19 minute teaser for us all, so if you would like to watch, please follow this link and play the video titled Wooroloo International 3DE 2014. He has done a brilliant job.  


I am feeling confident for Fairbridge which is GK’s next event and now I know the new bit and noseband works well, I will be aiming for a double clear run on the new track they have created in the 12 months since the last event. I won’t be taking Bo out until Swan River Horse Trials @ Dryandra which will be towards the end of October. Bo’s next event however will be Harvey II with G. She has been coming to cuddle GK and ride Bo once a week and will be taking Bo XC training down in Harvey in a few weeks. 

GK XC @ Wooroloo

The boys have had a lovely few weeks off. They had their teeth done two weeks ago. GK has awesome chompers especially considering he is 16 and Bo’s teeth have really improved from the last time but we noticed that he had some strange inflamed bits under his tongue and on his soft palate (almost like small chicken pox). Kirsten my dentist first thought it could be Barley grass but there were no holes where the grass had been embedded. We were scratching our heads for a good 30 mins before I realised that the nettle patch in the paddock had miraculously shrunk in height and size… Turns out Bo has decided that fresh nettles are a tasty snack and the stinging cells firing off had caused the little reactions. Bloody ginger pony. I am glad to say since then, he has decided his hay and proper food is a lot tastier and seems to have left the nettles alone. 

Bo recovering from his sedation

4 3

Tomorrow night I am having some people over to watch the XC streaming live from WEG. It starts at 15.55 Perth time and I can’t wait to see how the course rides. Then Sunday, Bo is coming on a ride out to a Winery with S, Bailey and Angel and a few people she works with. It should be fun and is something different. I can’t say I have ever ridden my horse to a winery before. 


I hope you all are well.


Take Care


C xx



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