And That’s the End of the Season…

Dryandra + Bo = Eventful.

Last year, we didn’t complete. This year we were lucky to finish dressage (but strangely not with his worst score ever). Bo warmed up amazingly. He had a beautiful, big, floaty trot that should have scored us a few 8’s. His canter was up hill, balanced and had really nice jump and should have gotten us at least a 7… but that was warm up.

On the way to the judge, Bo took a dislike to the trees at the end of the arena. He also didn’t like the horse in the arena next to us or the arena edge and just generally got a bee in his bonnet.

Then this happened. Mid Test. Once all 4 feet were on the ground, he got a pony club kick forward and I managed to get him to finish the test.


On the bright side, I got some nice comments about my riding on Facebook afterwards. πŸ™‚


Show Jumping was good. Bo flew over the jumps. He rattled one, but it stayed up. He is definitely ready to move up to EvA80.

XC day. Bo decided he didn’t want to do the whole xc thing and kicked out at the running board on M’s float. His leg was gushing out with blood. I ended up sitting in the mud and blood in my white xc breeches, holding a towel around his leg to keep pressure on the wound while waiting for the vet.

He did a really good job of it…


Blood pool


The towel that was wrapped around Bo’s leg


Looking a bit sheepish


While the vet was inspecting it, blood was still gushing out and I didn’t know whether I was going to pass out or throw up, so I stood on the other side of Bo while the vet cleaned the wound and wrapped his leg up. Bo then got a nice big penicillin jab and a tetanus booster for his trouble. The trip home in the float caused the bandage to bleed through, so as per the vet’s instructions S and I re-wrapped Bo’s leg. He was not super co-operative and the bandage was pretty terrible.

M and SP had pretty bad dressage tests, Joe and Cadbury both warmed up nicely and turned it to ferals in dressage. Cadbury was a little machine in SJ and XC. She ended up finishing 6th. M retired Joe in SJ as she felt he wasn’t quite right.

I got my normal vet out on Monday to have another look at it, wrap it again and give me some antibiotics for Bo. So now Bo gets antibiotics morning and night, bute at night and his bandages inspected daily as his leg needs to remain bandaged for a week.

The old bandages



Bo is finished for the season. Even if his leg is healed by the time Brigadoon rolls around, he will have missed out on over a week of work and it wouldn’t be fair on him to ask him to complete. GK has been very lightly worked for the last few weeks and if I take GK out of the paddock next to Bo so I can ride him, Bo will run around (and he is not supposed to be running around). So Mon and I are going to get reacquainted, maybe a beach trip or two while the Ginger Nut heals.

Hope everyone else had a better weekend then we did.

Take Care



2 responses to “And That’s the End of the Season…

  1. Wow! What crappy luck you had 😦 So sorry your boys hurt my stomach rolled a bit seeing all the blood just in pics. I hope things take a turn for the better soon!

    • Thanks. πŸ™‚ It really does look more impressive than it is. Bo is fine, a little unimpressed that every time I go and see him, I give him medicine but he will get over it πŸ™‚

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